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January 2003

Teach R Kids Math
Excellent math help site for elementary grades!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, Parents

This site provides online interactive math practice that covers a range of topics from simple to advanced for elementary school children.
Colored text and cute graphics describe the benefits of using these online worksheets. The site is designed for frames but is user-friendly.
The content is organized by skill and grade level. Links are provided in the left frame and the interactive worksheets appear in the main window.
Teach R Kids Math is an excellent resource for students, parents and teachers. These online worksheets are self-correcting and can be used as a great reinforcement to classroom instruction or homeschooling. Topics range from the simplest counting exercises for young children to sequencing to rounding to money to decimals and fractions. Each worksheet is interactive and gives the student immediate feedback. A detailed report summary is generated each time an assignment is submitted that shows the number of correct, wrong and skipped responses as well as a copy of the worksheet that shows which problems were missed. Some of the exercises are timed and all of them are self-paced, allowing the student to work on the areas of greatest need at their own speed.

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