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November 2002

Project Harmony
Online Collaborative Projects: International collaborations on positive themes!
Grade Level: 9-12

Project Harmony and Connected Minds present four online collaborative projects for the 2002-2003 school year. These projects will help students value cultural diversity and gain a better understanding of the "global landscape and the ever changing political and economic climate."
The site has a neat, uncluttered format with simple graphics.
There are four collaborative projects that can be accessed through a graphical link on the main page. The left side navigation menu takes users to other areas of the site.
There are four different project themes, with each project occurring twice during the school year, once with Armenia and once with Azerbaijan. The four project themes are: Social Justice and Change for the Future; Images and Perceptions; Conflict and Conflict Resolution; and Introductions and Interdependence. Each of the projects promotes multi-cultural awareness, knowledge and perspective. All materials are provided, including an instructor handbook and student handbooks in both languages. There is also an online orientation and students will be participating in online conferences. This is a great way to involve students with diverse backgrounds in the use of technology to "strengthen democracy, support civil society, and promote cultural understanding."

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