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November 2002

Updated September, 2009

American Indians and the Natural World
Beautiful site about several Native American tribes!
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

This online exhibit from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Alcoa Foundation Hall of American Indians focuses on the connections with the natural world of four different tribes: the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast; the Hopi of the Southwest; the Iroquois of the Northeast; and the Lakota of the Plains.
This site is beautifully done with a consistent layout throughout the four main divisions. Photos of a few of the museum's artifacts enhance the pages.
The exhibit has four major divisions: North, South, East and West. The top navigation bar has links to the major divisions and a bottom navigation bar offers choices for each section.
Teachers, students, or anyone with a general interest in Native American culture will find this site interesting. The site focuses on case studies of "societies living in four major geographical areas -- the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, Hopi of the Southwest, Lakota of the Plains and Iroquois of the Northeast." It explores the beliefs and customs of these peoples and their relationships to the environment in which they lived and thrived. Embedded within the text of each section are links to further information. Each section also contains a brief discussion of these societies in the modern world. This would be a great site for students to use as a starting point for research on the American Indian.

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