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November 2002

Egypt: Secrets of an Ancient World
A top-notch site on the pyramids -- a topic you can't top!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional

This interactive site from the National Geographic Society features an exploration of the pyramids, lesson plans, and student activities.
This very well designed site features some "flashy" programming and lots of interactivity. Flash Player is required and can be downloaded from the site.
Links to the major areas of the site are clearly displayed on the front page. Each area is easily navigated as well with distinctly marked links.
Egypt: Secrets of an Ancient World will appeal to both students and teachers. The interactive adventure, Explore the Pyramids focuses on who built them, how old they are, and what's inside. The pyramid index allows the user to roll the mouse over the different pyramids to see the name and location on the map. Clicking on a pyramid reveals a diagram of the interior, facts about the construction and photos. Egyptian dynasties are shown on a timeline with brief information about each. Lesson plans are available for grades K-12 that include objectives and correlations to geography standards as well as suggestions for assessment and lesson extensions. Additionally, an online journal documents an excursion through the pyramids by a National Geographic reporter.

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