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November 2002

Minerals Management Services
From sand to shipwrecks to saving energy -- a strong informative site for kids!
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

The Minerals Management Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior provides these kids' pages that offer lots of information on natural resources and fun activities.
The pages are kept neat and attractive with the use of color, ample spacing and easily read text.
The Minerals Management Service site provides access to all of their kids' pages from this central location. Left side navigation buttons and bottom menu give access to the Alaska Kids' Corner,Gulf of Mexico Kids' Page, and thePacific Kids' Playground as well as some general pages of interest to children.
There's a lot to explore at the MMS Kids' Pages. Students can learn how revenue is generated from onshore and offshore mineral leases, visit and offshore oil rig through story and pictures, find ten easy steps to save energy, find out what sea water is made of and much more. Each of the three major areas of the site: Alaska Kids' Corner,Gulf of Mexico Kids' Page, and thePacific Kids' Playground provide a great collection of articles, printable games, and science experiments. Clicking on the Alaska gives students the opportunity to learn what crude oil is and how it is drilled, learn about jobs at MMS, view a wonderful photo gallery, and much more. The Gulf of Mexico offers free posters and instructional teacher's companions as well as a host of activity sheets for the classroom and a drilling for oil game. The Pacific Kids' area provides articles about California History and Marine Archaeology and a printable workbook about earthquakes for grades 3-6.

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