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October 2002

Share the Technology
Recycle used computers!
Grade Level: Professional, Parents

Share the Technology is a website that provides a national searchable database for the donation and distribution of used technology equipment.
This is a text-based site that uses wide margins and color for added appeal.
The site is user-friendly with links clearly designated in the text on the main page, and there is a bottom navigation bar. All pages are linked back to the homepage.
This site can be very helpful if you have used computers that you are ready to dispose of or if you are a disabled person, non-profit organization, or school in need of the equipment. The database provided allows those with computers to donate to post a donation offer free of charge. These offers can be searched by state and contacts are made privately. Those in need of the equipment can also post their requests to the database. Users will find information and guidelines for donations of software and hardware in the information section. The site only accepts computers that are at least Pentium processors or Power Macs. Other donations, such as keyboards, printers, hard drives, scanners, mice, and modems are also accepted into the database. Included is a link with instructions on how to recycle your inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

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Originally published 10/09/2002
Last updated 05/04/2007