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April 2002
Updated JUNE, 2007

National Archives Learning Curve
Study British history using original sources.


The National Archives Learning Curve is an online teaching resource from the United Kingdom. Although it is designed to tie in with the British national curriculum for history, there is an index specifically for U.S. classrooms.
The site is well designed and attractive. QuickTime and Shockwave (includes Macromedia Flash player) plug-ins are required for video and animation. Acrobat Reader is required to print PDF-format work sheets. Real Player is required for streaming video.
A left-side menu and a top navigation bar make movement through the site easy. There are also U.S. and U.K. indexes for quick reference. Each section has a table of contents, and all pages provide a link back to the home page.
Whether you're studying British history or the interconnectedness of British and U.S. history, this site will provide lots of useful information and activities. A variety of original sources are used to encourage students to explore the history that surrounds them. The three major areas of this site are Exhibitions, Focus On ..., and Snapshots. Exhibit topics include the Cold War, the British home front during World War II, 20th-century personalities, and more. The Snapshots provide activities based on the visual sources from the National Archive, and the Focus On ... section includes interactive activities and quizzes for student use.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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