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March 2002
Updated JUNE, 2007

Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Media literacy resource for teachers.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


The Media Literacy Clearinghouse is maintained by a media educator and contains an extensive collection of links to resources on almost every aspect of media literacy. The information is part of a completed study of media literacy skills and health-related risks among young adolescents.
The site is text-based and the layout is a simple table that uses color to separate the sections.
Links to the information are organized into several broad categories indexed on the front page.
If you are looking for information, articles, and lesson plans designed to help teachers integrate media literacy into classroom instruction, the Media Literacy Clearinghouse is the place to go. Teachers will find a rich resource for helping their students understand the role and impact of media in our lives. Two clicks that you don't want to miss are the What's New section, which includes links to articles and pertinent information as well as lesson plans, such as Deconstructing Cigarette Ads; Developing Counter Ads. Also included are Questions to Ask About Media Messages, ten questions students should ask; What Every Media Specialist Should Know About Media Literacy, a PowerPoint presentation; and Recommended Articles on Media Literacy.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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