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S I T E     R E V I E W

A place for anyone who loves and supports the animal kingdom.


"exZOOberance is dedicated to those who love and support the animal kingdom." The site includes a virtual zoo, a photo gallery, and much more.
This user-friendly site has a simple layout, although the background is a little distracting. The photos are high quality and presented as thumbnails for quick loading.
Material at the site is organized into several broad categories that are clearly linked in the top navigation menu. Each category features an index.
Anyone interested in animals will enjoy this site. Teachers can take their students on a tour of the Virtual Zoo, which includes interesting information about many species. Students can view the animals in real time by clicking on the many animal Web cam links. The pictures in the photo gallery could be used to create slide shows to supplement an animal unit. Students working on reports will find a wealth of information here, as well as graphics for multimedia projects, links to the latest news stories about endangered species, animal quotes, and much more. Animal lovers will also find links to other related resources.

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