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Reaching Out: The Evolution of Communication
From cave drawings to online newspapers -- the history of communication.

This ThinkQuest site is a great resource on the history of communication.
This colorful site has a user-friendly format. Illustrations, photographs, audio files, and diagrams enhance the site. The site is available in a text-only version and in a version that uses Java.
The left-side menu expands to display the submenus, making navigation easy. There is also a search tool.
Reaching Out: The Evolution of Communication is a good resource for students who are researching the history of non-verbal and verbal communication. Written by kids for kids, this site offers a timeline on the development of communication as well as information on the inventions, which range from hieroglyphics to satellite-based systems. The site also explores the roles that these developments have played in changing the way people live. There is a wide variety of information on topics such as language, the brain, smoke signals, telegraphs, journalism, and more. The site also includes a video gallery and many fun activities.

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