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December 2001

GF Awesome
A valuable resource for curricular materials on forest ecology.


This forest conservation site, part of the larger Global Forest site, has a lot to offer. Teachers will find it to be a valuable resource for curricular materials on forest ecology.
The site is bright, colorful, and engaging. Users will need the latest version of a Java-enabled browser and the Flash plug-in.
Five main areas of the site are accessible from the navigation menu in the upper left corner of the page. Navigation takes a little extra exploration but is worth the effort.
GF Awesome is a great resource for planning your ecology curriculum. Use the materials here to help students understand all about our forest system: how it functions, its wildlife, and other facts about nature. The site covers a lot of information, from cool articles to awesome photos to gruesome facts to global weather. Teachers may use the latest research for lesson planning or use the many lessons, activities, and quizzes about trees and their effects on water, air quality, and animals that are offered on the site. Students can identify the trees in their environment by using the Tree Guide, get their questions answered by a forest scientist, or use the site glossary to learn new terms. This is one site ecology teachers will want to bookmark for future reference.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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