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Adventures of CyberBee
CyberBee will help you integrate technology into your classroom.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


CyberBee offers tons of fresh ideas for teachers who are looking for ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.
The pages are quick loading and appealing. The use of the cartoon character CyberBee presents a consistent theme throughout the site.
This well-organized site is easily navigated. Links are clearly marked with graphics and text. The eight major divisions of the site are accessible from the main page, and each page has a bottom navigation menu.
Let CyberBee guide you through the process of integrating technology into your curriculum. Users will find step-by-step instructions for producing different kinds of documents and multimedia, information on using the Web for research along with citation and evaluation guides and a host of useful curriculum links. If you're looking for an online project to join Westward Ho! or Postcard Geography may just be the ticket. There are also some terrific Web activities, such as In the Hollow of a Tree: Raccoon Babies and Take a Hike with Henry. Raccoon Babies deals with learning how to do research on the Web using the Big6 Model. Take a Hike with Henry is based on the book Henry Hikes to Fitchburg, by D. B. Johnson, and offers users the option of taking the hike with Henry or riding the train with Henry's friend and provides teacher resources and a host of other materials. In addition, a host of Curriculum Ideas, Treasure Hunts, and articles will get your imagination going.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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