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Great Sites for Teaching About ... Physical Fitness

Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. These sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about physical fitness.

Fitness Files
This site, which addresses fitness in a concise, fun, interactive format is perfect for those studying the most effective ways to become and remain physically fit. The Files are chock full of information on selecting a health club, using home gym equipment, preventing and treating injuries, acquiring healthful eating habits, and more for middle and high school students. The well designed Fitness Fundamentals section is especially helpful, providing accurate information on target heart rates, exercises for strength and flexibility, and a fitness quiz.

Fitness Jumpsite
Covering nearly every aspect of physical fitness, Fitness Jumpsite is a wonderful resource for those interested in a serious fitness study. The site provides information in areas such as weight management, fitness equipment, and nutrition and includes such useful interactive features as a fitness forum and an activity calorie calculator. This fully searchable site is an invaluable teaching tool.

PE Central
This Web site for physical education teachers, students, and parents includes activities, lesson plans, and other instructional resources in a wide variety of areas related to physical education. The assessment section is especially useful, offering evaluation tools that range from traditional paper and pencil tests to alternative methods, including activity assessment and rubrics. The Adapted PE page is sure to be especially useful for anyone working with special-needs students.

Physical Education Lessons
This site, in the process of being rebuilt, now contains 41 teacher-submitted physical education lesson plans, primarily for elementary-aged children. Learn how to play such unique games as Hocker, Jurassic Park Tag, and the Revolutionary War Dribble in an easily navigable two-framed environment.

Physical Education Links
Former physical education teacher Susan Patrick presents these quality links to sites on physical education related topics. The extensive use of drop down menus allows quick and easy navigation, and clearly designated categories, such as Activities, Resources, and Games Archives, make specific topics easy to locate. Specialty areas, such as Adaptive PE and Field Day, create a truly original and useful teacher resource.

Students will love this highly interactive site presented by Sports Medicine Australia. Slightly slow to load -- but worth every second -- the site includes Surveys, an ask-an-expert Chat, Postcards, Resources, games, and lots of worthwhile information. Don't miss Star, which provides students with an inside look at different athletes and the motivations that drive them to excel.

Ayden Elementary School Physical Education
North Carolina's Ayden Elementary School offers this impressive example of the kinds of information a well-planned school Web site can provide. The physical education activities and resources, organized in easy-to-navigate categories, include health and fitness links and lesson plans in such categories as health and nutrition, classroom games, tag games, dance, gymnastics, fitness, and more. Use a plan from the site or take the opportunity to share one of your own. Don't forget to check out the Non-Traditional Gymnastics section. It's well worth your consideration!

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Originally published 05/2000
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