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Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About page highlights Web sites we think will help educators work timely themes into their lessons. This week's sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about nutrition.

Food Guide Pyramid
The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers this list of links to a number of digital versions of the food pyramid. The interactive pyramid allows students to click each section for more information about that food group. In Click here for even more Food Guide Pyramids , look for a number of fascinating specialty pyramids, including Puerto Rican, Asian, and vegetarian pyramids. In addition to the labeled images, the site provides downloadable guides and links to other nutrition resources.

The Food Timeline
Did you know that chickens were first domesticated around 3200 B.C. or that the English muffin was created at the end of the first millennium, most likely by the Welsh? This timeline, although spotty in places, provides a comprehensive source of historical information about food. It even includes recipes students can prepare using modern, readily available ingredients.

School Menu.com
Try the Food Guide Word Search Puzzle, and DJ's Food Pyramid Maze. Students can submit original drawings to the site, read healthful nutrition tips, and participate in lots of fun and games. School systems can post their lunch menus as well.

Nutrition Caf
The Pacific Science Center and the Washington State Dairy Council jointly host this kid-centered site on nutrition. Nutrition Sleuth challenges students to find missing nutrients, and Grab a Grape presents a Jeopardy style game of fitness facts. Have a Bite provides an interactive tool that allows students to discover how nutritious a favorite meal is (or isn't)!

Nutrition Explorations
The National Dairy Council provides terrific teacher resources, student games, and family information to help kids learn about the importance of good nutrition. Families can test their nutrition IQ, learn how to raise healthy kids, and participate in activities that promote healthful eating at home. Teachers can use the monthly classroom nutrition calendars while they share information with other teachers at the Nutrition Explorations site. Students from kindergarten through grade 4 will thrill to Chef Combo's Fantastic Adventures, the Pyramid Caf, and Pyramid Explorations.

The Real Truth About Fast Foods And Nutrition
This ThinkQuest Junior site explores the nutritional value of fast foods by providing nutritional information about them and then testing students' knowledge. The site includes a section on advertisements in which students can learn about the techniques used by fast food companies to promote their products as well as nutrition guides for foods from McDonalds to Pizza Hut.

Kid's World Nutrition
KidsWorld presents a scientific view of nutrition for kids that includes a Food Pyramid, an explanation of the information provided on nutritional labels, and a nutrition quiz. It includes additional nutrition information and links to further online resources. In the Coloring Book, children use an interactive paint tool to learn about mixing colors and nutrition.

Nutrition For Kids
This ThinkQuest Junior entry provides basic nutrition information that elementary children can easily digest. Be sure to look at the interactive Take a Quiz, which gives feedback as students test their knowledge of nutrition!

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