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Latest Education News
Parents in the home of Apple's headquarters are protesting iPad use in schools.
How the Common Core became what it is known as today.
A new report analyzing the quality of Head Start programs in each state has found major variations.
OpenEd has announced new science resources aligned to NGSS.
The U.S. Department of Education is looking for districts to design the blueprints for improving diversity in schools.
John B. King, Jr. describes goals for improving America's education system moving forward.
U.S. students are receiving less dual-language instruction, resulting in fewer and fewer non-English speakers.
The top 10 education news stories of 2016.
Does abolishing gun-free zones in schools make staff and students safer? A rural Colorado district brings the debate to the national conversation once again.
Check out the latest weekly news in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
Another study has confirmed education improves the quality of life.
Have no fear: technology will improve teaching, but teachers still need to be there for it to work.
OECD's Test for Schools has successfully launched its online version thanks to its partnership with NWEA.
The Department of Education will continue to look for effective school leaders under ESSA.
Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel gives President-elect Donald Trump some education policy advice.
A new report offers state leaders a plan to improve computer science in their state next year.
The most recent annual survey from The Learning Counsel has found patterns of a difficult technology transition in U.S. schools.