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Fit To Be Taught, Vol. 58

Sports Math Scores Points with Students AND Teachers!


Looking for math activities to connect with this week's big football game? Teachers can grab students' interest with a site that teams math with sports -- and everyone comes out a winner!

"Students need to be actively involved in the learning process. Finding some common ground with the kids can often mean the difference between success and frustration."

That's the philosophy shared by Tennessee teacher Terry Carter and other members of the instructional design team who created Tennessee Sports Math, a Web site that turns sports fans into math enthusiasts by providing lessons and activities that connect the classroom with the clubhouse. A single visit can turn your math lessons into home runs and your classroom spectators into enthusiastic participants!

The Tennessee Sports Math Project began in 1997, when Dr. Gary Keplinger, a Tennessee middle school teacher and former market researcher, obtained a Goals 2000 grant that allowed him to implement a plan to motivate his "at-risk" students by capitalizing on one of their major interests outside the classroom -- Tennessee sports. Keplinger recruited a team of Tennessee math, science, and physical education teachers to design and write sports-related activities appropriate for students in sixth through ninth grades. The result is a site that makes available more than 30 lessons and activities connected to a variety of Tennessee sports teams and sporting events

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Get Up, Get Out, Get Fit

Larry Larson, principal of North Cache 8-9 Center in Richmond, Utah, has been doing his best to promote physical activity and proper nutrition at his school for teachers, students, staff members, and parents. Larson set up donated fitness equipment in the school for after-school physical activity, and gave all teachers a pedometer as part of the schools Get Up, Get Out, Get Fit" program. Each teacher sets his or her own goal for the number of steps walked in any given week. The program has been so successful that students regularly check in with their teachers to find out how many steps they have recorded. As a result of this comprehensive healthy school environment, students have set their own physical activity and nutrition goals. The current fitness center was slated to be replaced with all new equipment in 2003.

More than 95 percent of the faculty and 100 percent of the administration participated in the initial program. Four classes (135 students) participated directly in the beginning program, and interest quickly spread to the entire school as incentives were provided for active participation of the general student body. Classes presented three major assemblies to help their peers understand what getting fit" really looks like.

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