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No One Else Like Me

I am a special kid
No one else is just like me.
My body is my own
It's special, don't you see?

I have two busy hands,
And two active feet.
My mom seems to think
That I am pretty neat.

I use my special mouth
To smile and to sing,
To talk with my friends
And eat yummy things.

When it's time for bed
I use my own mouth too,
To whisper "Goodnight --
I'll always love you too."


Sue LaBella, Education World's former early childhood editor, is a former teacher who loves writing poems for young children. She especially enjoys writing rhymes that make children smile. Susan lives in Connecticut with her family and her bulldog named Daisy. She has written fun rhymes to fit many themes. Visit her archive of rhymes for early childhood classrooms.

Poem by Sue LaBella
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