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Volume 6, Issue 12
August 18, 2008

Theme: Who Am I?


As young children learn to write their names, discover their likes and dislikes, and understand that they are part of a family (at home and school), they begin to realize that they are unique and very special. As you kick off another school year, we hope our activity suggestions will help you promote self-esteem and show all your students how truly terrific they are.

Susan LaBella
Editor, Early Childhood Education Newsletter



Help children learn more about their families and, in turn, themselves with this project.
Give each child a sheet of colored construction paper. At the top of the page, write this phrase:
      "All about __________"
      [fill in child's name in place of the line]
Have children take their papers home to decorate with family photos, drawings, magazine pictures, and so on, that provide information about themselves. When children bring their papers back, let them talk about what the decorations stand for. Finally, laminate the pages and assemble them in a class booklet for everyone to enjoy.

Help children introduce themselves to others with this simple song sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques."

      I am [student inserts his or her name], I am [name].
      That's my name. That's my name.
      I am glad to be here. I am glad to be here.
      At my school. At my school.

Have each child bring in a baby picture and a recent picture of him or herself. Give each child a folded piece of construction paper. With the fold at the top, let each child print in large letters across the page the words Guess Who? Next to that, children can glue their baby pictures. Then have children lift the flap and glue inside their more recent pictures. Finally next to that, let them print It's Me! Display the students' "Guess Who?" cards around the room or on a bulletin board.

Have children use clay or play-dough to form the letters in their first names. Place each child's name on a piece of cardboard. Let each child count how many letters are in his/her name and write that number on the cardboard. Survey the number of letters in names and create a class picture graph. Write numbers of letters down the left side of the graph. To the right of each number, place one smiley face sticker for each child who has that number of letters in his/her name. Talk with students about the graph. Ask questions such as How many students have names with six letters? and Do more students have names with four letters or five letters? or Which name length belongs to the fewest students in our class?

Write the words "me" and "I" on a black/whiteboard or chart. Talk with children about the words. Ask When do we use those words? Have students share sentences with the words in them. If appropriate, help children write the words on lined paper. Next give children picture cards. Pictures on cards must be of objects whose names rhyme with either me (for example, bee, flea, key, knee, sea, ski, tea, three, and tree) or I (for example, buy, cry, eye, fly, hi, high, pie, pry, shy, sky, and tie). Encourage children to sort the cards into a pile of words that rhyme with "Me" and a pile of words that rhyme with "I."

Let children make Me Pizzas. Give each child an English muffin. Provide tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pepper or mushroom slices, pepperoni, carrot circles, and so on. Invite children to create their own face on their pizza. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese bubbles and edges are brown. Enjoy!



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