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What's an Adobe?


Provide simple picture books that show various kinds of homes such as houseboats, adobe homes, igloos, straw huts, and so on. Talk about why those houses are built of the various materials; you might share how available supply of materials or climate can affect the kinds of houses in an area. Then read to children This House Is Made of Mud by Ken Buchanan (Rising Moon Books). Follow up your reading by giving each child a sheet of paper with an outline of a house similar to the one in the story. Supply each child with brown paint, sand, and broken sticks of uncooked spaghetti. Help children mix some sand and spaghetti pieces into their paint and invite them to paint their adobe houses. Finally ask children how they might show the book family's love in their house pictures. Encourage them to draw a heart on the door of their house or to use any ideas they might suggest.


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