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Make a Dreidel


Your children can make this fun toy to give to another child in celebration of Hanukkah.

  • Gather for each child a clean half-pint milk carton. Tape closed the spout on each carton.
  • Cut a small slit into the bottom center of each carton that will be just large enough to push a craft stick through.
  • Let children paint their cartons and craft stick blue. (The cartons may need two coats.)
  • When the paint is dry, help children use a silver glitter pen to add the letters nun, hay, gimel, and shin -- one letter to each side of the milk-carton dreidel. (For samples of the letters, see How to Play Dreidel.)
  • Insert the craft stick into the slit at the bottom of the carton to complete the dreidel.


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