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You Know You Love EdTech When…

1. EdTech feels like a part of who you are, right down to your core. 

edtechFrancesco Romoli 


2. You crave EdTech like a dog craves a bone. 



3. You fight to keep up with what's "current." 

tech in the classroomimgur 



4. The prospect of a new EdTech innovation makes you go a little "cray cray." 

tech humorWiffleGif 


5. Upcoming release dates for new EdTech make you a little. . . impatient. 

technology jokesOlgapetrikova 



6. Everyone's impressed by your "techxpertise," and you take every opportunity to show it off. 

classroom technologySuperCoolStoryBro 



7. Your EdTech skills seem almost supernatural

techie humorGifSoup 



8. Music keeps you moving whenever you're not teaching or helping out your peers. 

edtech in schoolsimgur 


9. You've perfected the skill of "keeping an eye" on students while using EdTech in the classroom. 

teacher jokesRomain Laurent 



10. When you catch a student using EdTech inappropriately, this is what happens. 

classroom humorDusan Cezek 


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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