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  • An Education World e-Interview With Hank Nuwer, Author of High School Hazing: When Rites Become Wrongs
    Hank Nuwer, currently an adjunct professor in journalism at Indiana University-Purdue University, has been writing and speaking about hazing behavior and its consequences "nonstop" for the past 14 years. His earlier books on hazing, Wrongs of Passage (Indiana University Press, 1999) and Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing (Longstreet Press, 1990), were written for adults. Recently, Nuwer talked to Education World about his latest book, High School Hazing: When Rites Become Wrongs (Franklin Watts, 2000), which is directed toward high school students. --09/20/2000

  • Middle Level Educators Pause to Reflect
    Two teachers reflect in very different ways on life in the middle grades in recently published books from the National Middle School Association. David Puckett provides poetic inspiration in his collected Reflections From a Teacher's Heart and Deborah Bambino offers a year of weekly diary entries in Teaching Out Loud. --10/25/1999

  • The First Days of School: A True Tell-All Book!
    Whether you're a nervous neophyte facing your first day of school or a skilled veteran facing another first day of school, THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL: HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER, by Harry and Rosemary Wong, is a must read.--09/13/1999

  • Off to a Good Start
    Get Off to a Good Start with this slim volume that's big on practical tips for ensuring a successful year.--08/17/1998

  • Case Studies Focus on Teachers' Everyday ProblemsBest of 97 Icon
    Is "I'm bored!" one of your students' favorite expressions? Are name-calling and play-fighting problems that you face every day in your classroom? Follow six classroom teachers as they struggle to understand and find workable solutions to these and other everyday problems in a new book from author Ruth Charney. --07/25/1997