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  • Two Books Help Imagination Take Wing!
    Two new books explore the ideas of being an individual, having a gift, and fitting into society through stories of children who grow wings. --01/17/2001

  • These Kids Made a Difference!
    Make a Difference Day, October 28, is a great time to get students thinking about ways they might contribute to their community. To help, a terrific new book that shares the real-life experiences of 20 teen volunteers will inspire your students to come up with their own volunteer activities!--10/25/2000

  • It's a Dog's Life: Three New Dog Books to Stimulate Kids' Imaginations
    When is a dog not just a dog? Find out in these three exciting new children's books! The make-believe play of a child magically transforms a golden retriever into a variety of animals. Animals in the paintings of a world-famous art museum secretly come to life once a year. Such stories are sure to entertain young readers while stimulating their imaginations.--08/03/2000

  • Three Baseball Autobiographies Score a Hit With Young Readers!
    Cal Ripken, Jr., Sammy Sosa, Nomar Garciapara! Three great names in baseball! Three new biographies for young readers!--04/24/2000

  • Add *Sister Anne's Hands* to Your Back-to-School Read Aloud List
    If you're looking to add a new title to your list of back-to-school favorites, grab *Sister Anne's Hands.* This isn't a rollicking read-aloud like many of the others on your list, but who said all back-to-school read-alouds had to elicit belly laughs? Take a break and turn your students' attention to something more thoughtful with this simple, but powerful, picture book. Use *Sister Anne's Hands* to start a discussion about working together and the need for tolerance. A bonus: The book is a nice introduction for young readers to the use of symbolism.--08/30/1999

  • Looking to "Challenge" Your Middle Schoolers?
    Looking for a fun challenge for middle schoolers? A new series from The Learning Works offers just that -- challenges in language arts, math, science, social studies, and more! "Middle School Challenges" are prefect for use as class openers, teamwork activities, time-fillers, or classroom contests.--10/19/1998

  • Be Sure to Catch "Running Girl"!
    Keeping a diary helps an 11-year-old track hopeful overcome fears and make friends in a new book from Harcourt Brace: Running Girl: The Diary of Ebonee Rose. --02/09/1998

  • Cosby's "Little Bill" Series Is Engaging -- and Educational!Best of 1998 Graphic
    Entertainer Bill Cosby introduces the first three books in his "Little Bill" series. Kids will learn that they can solve any problem -- from boredom to bullies -- if they set their minds to it! The "Little Bill" series is January's "Oprah's Book Club" selection! --01/19/1998

  • "Author: A True Story" -- Of Frustration and Triumph!
    Popular children's author Helen Lester serves as a role model for young writers. In "Author: A True Story" Lester reflects with humor on the lessons learned from her own writing experiences. --11/17/1997

  • Little Book is Big on Inspiration!Best of 97 Icon
    Two Florida teens collected hundreds of inspiring quotes from celebrities, quotes now published in the Kids' Little Instruction Book. The new book might inspire some valuable classroom activities too! --09/15/1997

  • Let's Hear It For the Girls!
    A new book from Erica Bauermeister and Holly Smith pulls together a list of 375 books---from classics to little-known winners---that include at their heart strong and resourceful female characters. --08/08/1997