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H E A L T H     &     S A F E T Y
  • Kids Will Gobble Up These New Books!
    Because March is Nutrition Month, Education World highlights new concoctions whipped up by the word chefs at Wiley & Sons, Charlesbridge Publishing, and Teacher Created Materials. Join us as we explore four titles to flavor your food or nutrition units! --03/13/2000

  • Taking the Bully By the Horns
    All kids know how to recognize bullies -- or do they? Taking the Bully by the Horns, written by Kathy Noll and Jay Carter, teaches kids how to spot a bully, how to recognize bully "games" -- and how NOT to play. --10/18/1999

  • Picture Books Help Kids Handle Anger and Bullying
    This week, Education World reviews Bullies and Gangs, The Ant Bully, and When Sophie Gets Angry -- Really, Really Angry These three new picture books support classroom discussions of anger, bullying, violence, and tolerance. --10/18/1999

  • Two New Fire Safety Titles Spark Student Interest!
    It's Fire Prevention Week, time to look at the latest books about fire safety. Two hot new titles are sure to spark the interest of readers of all ages. Take a look with us at NO DRAGONS FOR TEA, a charming new picture book for young readers, and FIREFIGHTING: BEHIND THE SCENES, an excellent new non-fiction title for upper elementary and middle school students. --10/04/1999

  • "Tooth Tales from Around the World"
    Students can brush up on dental history and learn about the origin of the tooth fairy in a new book from Charlesbridge Publishing. Author Marlene Targ Brill shares some of history's strange beliefs about teeth. Perfect for Dental Health Month, "Tooth Tales" serves up the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth! Included: Web sites for building Dental Health Month lessons!--02/08/1999

  • Fire! Captures the Excitement and Dangers of Firefighting
    Joy Masoff has written Fire!, a new book (Scholastic Press, 1998). Her lively writing combines with dramatic color photos and sidebars full of interesting fire facts. The result -- twenty jam-packed two-page spreads that together form a definitive work for middle graders about the gear, the rescues, the thrill, the bravery, and the future of firefighting.--09/28/1998

  • Add Three New Books to Your "Nutrition" Plan (and Stir)!
    Three hot new books explore the language, science, math, and citizenship of nutrition. (Recipes included!) --03/09/1998

  • Smoking Stinks!!
    A new book makes a big "stink" about smoking! The book is sure to entertain kids while sending out a clear anti-smoking message. --11/10/1997

  • Dad's Book Explains HIV to His Young Daughter
    A new book from Fairview Press explains everything kids need to know about HIV/AIDS. With the help of beautiful illustrations, My Dad Has HIV tells the facts and dispels the fears surrounding the virus that causes AIDS. --08/01/1997