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American Revolution


Are you looking for literature to support classroom instruction about the American Revolution? Check out Our Editors’ Choices for titles recommended by the Education World team. Then it's your turn to share books that you enjoy or use in your classroom in the Our Readers’ Voices section below. With your help, we will build the best list on the Internet of Best Books for teaching about the American Revolution.



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by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce
Why did we fight the Revolutionary War? What is the Declaration of Independence? What was it like to live in the 13 colonies? Find out the answers to those questions and others in this research guide to one of the most important events in our nation's history. This is the nonfiction companion to .

by Kay Moore
Using a lively question-and answer-format, the author explains the American Revolution not only as a war for freedom which the American colonies fought against the British, but also as a "civil" war between the Patriots and those colonists who remained loyal to King George III. Special attention is paid to the role of children in the war and to the issues affecting them. Colorful accounts of famous figures and words and expressions that were coined during the Revolution enliven the text and help students connect to the period. Part of the If You Lived. series from Scholastic.

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by Janis Herbert
Heroes, traitors, and great thinkers come to life in this activity book, which tells the story of the Revolution, from the hated Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party to the British surrender at Yorktown and the creation of the United States Constitution. The book also includes a glossary, biographies, and pertinent Web sites, which make it a truly valuable resource for both students and teachers.

by Rosalyn Schanzer
The narrative introduces anew the two enemies, both named George: George Washington, the man who freed the American colonies from the British, and George III, the British king who lost them. Two leaders on different sides of the Atlantic, yet with more in common than we sometimes acknowledge. We are led through their story, and the story of their times, and see both sides of the arguments that divided the colonies from the Kingdom. Who was right? History teaches us that there are two sides to every story.

by Lucille Recht Penner
The American colonists were fed up with British law. They refused to buy English goods. They formed a militia of tradesmen and farmers ready to fight at a moment's notice. Most importantly, they joined together. All 13 colonies sent representatives to decide whether they should form a new country. That group wrote the Declaration of Independence, the document that summed up a revolution.

by Frank Murphy
Boom! Bang! Guns fire! Cannons roar! George Washington is fighting in the American Revolution. He sees a dog lost on the battlefield. Whose dog is it? How will it find its master? Early readers will be surprised to find out what happens in this little-known true story about America's first president. Part of the Step-Into-Reading series.

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