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Fun Summer Web Sites!


Summer means you have time to look at fun Web sites! Here are a few of the crazier ones you might want to visit!

Live Action Kid Vid 70s
Ever wonder why your parents are so strange? Maybe it's because they grew up watching TV shows on Saturday mornings like the ones featured on this site.

Microfilm Gallery – Old Ads Rescued from a Dying Medium
A newspaperman has put some old ads online. Pretty wild stuff! (Actually, it's pretty amusingly tame stuff!)

Skeletal Systems of Cartoon Characters
Okay, so you thought you were weird. This artist has drawn what the skeletal systems (bones!) of some 22 cartoon characters must look like. Is Charlie Brown really human?

Kokomo Jr.
In the 1950s, a famous chimpanzee named Kokomo Jr. said "mama" on national television. You can see it right here!

Robot 1968
Yeah, they didn't have lots of robots in 1968, but this site is a place where you can buy, sell, or trade tin or old robot toys, and you can even play old video games like Pac Man and Space Invaders online.

Transportation Futuristics
Ever doodled ideas for crazy cars? Planes? Trains? Here's a site that shows lots of wacky ideas people have had about how transportation would be done "in the future."

Let Them Sing It for You
Okay, you think you can't sing. Just wait until you hear this Web site! You type in the words, the site "sings" them. It's truly terrible. Really. Trust me.

The Original Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products
Okay, have you ever watched the old Warner Brothers cartoons (like Bugs Bunny)? Maybe there's an ACME Artificial Rock? A jar of ACME Bumble Bees? Even maybe an ACME Space-Time Gun? Well, if you've ever wanted to see ALL the products made by "ACME," you don't have to wait any longer! The complete catalogue is right here!

Traffic Cones
You heard me. Those cone-shaped, usually orange plastic things. That's right. There is even a Web site entirely about traffic cones. Don't believe me?

And now for something completely practical ...
If you see an acronym (that's like "IBM" – a series of letters that stand for something, in that case, "International Business Machines") and don't know what it means, go to the Acronym Finder, and you will ... find it!

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