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Knight in Armor Completes London Marathon


Yes, a real suit of armor – 100 pounds in weight – plus a 10-foot tall dragon on wheels weighing 200 pounds – were the "extras" that Lloyd Scott took with him across the finish line in London, England ... 8 days after the race began!

Oh, he's not really a knight, though. At least, not yet.

Calling himself Saint George and the dragon statue Derek, Mr. Scott raised nearly four million dollars (well, about two million pounds) for a children's leukemia charity.

The winner of the race finished in two hours and six minutes, by the way.

Mr. Scott believes his earnings may be the largest amount ever earned by one charity stunt. He hopes so. He says that he thought after just a few steps that this 26 mile walk in 100 pounds of metal, dragging a 200-pound dragon statue, was impossible. Eight days later, with sore nights spent in several places around London, he just may have earned a knighthood by the determination to get up each of those mornings and keep on walking the marathon's route.

He may also have earned another record: the slowest marathon in history!

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