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More Fun with the (Weird) News
(Continued from EdWorld At Home)

  1. Pick the true story.
    1. A tooth thought to belong to Napoleon was sold in an auction for more than $20,000.

    2. A giant panda escaped a zoo in the Midwest and rampaged throughout the countryside.
    3. A security guard was fired for dressing up like a ghost and scaring the people he was supposed to be guarding.

    Click here for the answers!

  2. A woman in Iowa found something in a package of coffee that might have gotten in there because of hurricane Katrina. What was it?
    1. A no-bid contract for rebuilding a levee.
    2. A very small FEMA executive.
    3. A dead turtle.
    Click here for the answers!

  3. A runaway ostrich did serious damage to something on the island of Cyprus. What was it?
    1. A Mercedes.
    2. The tourist industry.
    3. An ancient monument to ostriches.
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  4. A postcard that was mailed from one friend to another in Sweden arrived recently ... 50 years late. The message included:
    1. A wedding invitation.
    2. A "get well soon" wish.
    3. A lottery number.
    Click here for the answers!

  5. A woman dressed as a witch handed a bank teller a note saying that she (the witch) had a gun and wanted the bank's cash. Before anyone could react:
    1. Dorothy dropped a house on her.
    2. The witch vanished in a cloud she set off with a security device that produces a cloud of dye.
    3. The witch, now dressed as a "normal" bank-robber in a hooded sweatshirt, successfully robbed a different bank a half-hour later.
    4. b and c!
    Click here for the answers!
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