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Links to Keep Your Life Weird


Education World Premiere Humor


Oh, man: You know those really weird clothes your parents have that they wore when they were teenagers? Yeah, those! Well, sorry to tell you that fads in clothing aren't the only fads. There are also Bad Fads in collectible items, like Mood Rings. There are also activities like Mini-Golf and Drive-In Theatres that can make for Bad Fads. There are even "Event" Bad Fads like Flagpole Sitting, Goldfish Eating, and Dance Marathons.

All these and more are right here for your groaning and laughs.


If you were a cat and looking to meet other cats, you might think about looking around the neighborhood for some garbage cans. OR, if you were an Internet-savvy cat, you might go to Catster. Catster is the "Friendster" of the cat world. More than 20,000 cats have apparently put their pictures and facts about themselves on this Web site.

And if you believe that, maybe you'll even look for your own cat on this site before you've entered his/her/its information!


Okay, this one is pretty weird. On this page you'll see a link to get the Flash player in case you don't already have it, and to check that your computer's sound is working.

Then you click through to the home page. Around the edges are outline drawings of different animals. If you click on an animal, you get a page with different countries' flags "printed" on that type of animal outline. When you click each different "nationality" of animal, you get a sound of children making what they understand the animal sound to be.

It's amazing how differently people from different countries "hear" animals!

There's a "Flags" link at the bottom of the page so you can check what countries those different flag patterns represent.


Shopping Cart Abuse. Okay, it doesn't get the kind of news coverage that other forms of abuse might get, but it does have the funniest Web site.

Included: A 12-step program to help shopping cart abusers get past their problem. (And, hopefully, not move on to abusing roller skates or chalkboards.)


Very nearly as weird is this site, where some truly stable and sane soul has created an index of all the different kinds of sound effects shown in comic books. You know, the Biff! Bam! Zoom! Zowie! type of "sounds."

Most interesting: The index of sound effects in alphabetical order of the thing that caused the sound effect to happen, like "being grabbed by the throat."


Want to please your parents? Use this to look up what was the #1 song on the days they were born. If they were born after 1956, you can look up the #1 album too.

These may be BRITISH pop charts, though, so be careful! Don't want to confuse your parents too much.


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