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How can Americans solve the Digital Divide? How can educators find the resources they need to help them teach in their diverse environments? The Education World Diversity Center aggregates the latest content, articles, and resources to help educators understand diversity issues in their schools and lives.
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Sick Schools Create Dilemma for School Districts
By Diane Weaver Dunne
In the fifth and final part of the special report Sick Schools: A National Problem, Education World news editor Diane Weaver Dunne examines the dilemma sick schools create for school officials. The issues include disclosure, liability, identification, and funding remedies.

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August 8, 2001

NEA Offers Teachers Homicide Insurance

The National Education Association (NEA) plans to begin offering members "unlawful homicide" insurance in September, in response to the killings of several teachers in the past few years. The policy would provide the teacher's family with $150,000 in the event the teacher is killed on the job, which is twice the amount paid in the event of an accidental death. The insurance will be provided free of charge.

Source:, July 26, 2001


CA Teachers Turn Down Bonuses

Hundreds of California teachers are rejecting $400 bonuses from the state for raising standardized test scores. Some teachers think the program forces teachers to compete against one another and puts too much emphasis on one standardized test. Many teachers are donating the money to charities or scholarships. The state has allocated $677 million in reward money for students, teachers, schools, administrators, and secretaries involved in improving academic achievement.

Source: Nanette Asimov,San Francisco Chronicle, July 30, 2001


Hawaii Board of Ed Weighs Adding Creationism

Hawaii's state Board of Education has said it would discuss including creationism in the science curriculum as one of the theories of humans' origin on Earth. Hawaii is introducing new science performance standards for kindergarten through 12th grade, and board members said they would talk about adding language to the curriculum to indicate that evolution is one theory of life's origin. The board also plans to discuss requiring that students be taught other theories as well.

Source: Jennifer Hiller, The Honolulu Advertiser,July 31, 2001


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