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Printables Library

Education World's Work Sheet Library includes hundreds of free printables for use across the grades and across the curriculum. You will find a sampling of our printables below. Visit our Work Sheet Library for a complete selection.

Worksheets from
The Critical Thinking Co.

Learning About Lemurs
Think about lemurs, and then finish the picture of the lemur. (Grades K-2)
Rhyme and Reason #1
Can you figure out the subjects of these rhymes? (Grades 3-5)
Verbal Similarities and Differences: Antonyms
Which of the three words means the opposite of the first word in the row? (Grades 6-8)

Writing Bug
Story Starter
Each Person Is One Native American proverb says, "Each person is his own judge." What does that proverb mean to you?

Every-Day Edits
Primary Edits
Animals A to Z: Koala.
Ele-Middle Edits
Jan Brett, Illinois, frozen foods

Hunt the Fact Monster
Primary Hunt
December hunt #1
Ele-Middle Hunt
Hunt #13

Build a Fab Vocab
Vocab-u-lous! Activity
Words that begin with M.

Where in the World Is Mrs. Waffenschmidt?
Mrs. W: Week 31
Which European landmark is she visiting?

It All Adds Up
Puzzle #31
Find the missing numbers so it all adds up.

Make Your Own Work Sheet
Work Sheets for This Month
Create an activity for any subject.

More Printables
Math Fact Practice Work Sheets
Tons of practice leading to math-fact mastery.
Work Sheets from Teacher Created Materials
100+ printables for all subjects, grades.
Phonics Word Search Puzzles
A puzzle a week all school year long.
Sudoku Puzzles
Challenge students with number fun.
Work Sheet Library
See our entire library of free printables.

Word Wall Active-ities Build Many Skills
A classroom word wall has many uses. A wide variety of activities and games can be used to help reinforce vocabulary words that appear on the wall. Included: Teachers who use word walls in their classrooms offer activities that build vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills.

Following Directions
No names on papers? No titles on compositions? No answers rounded to the nearest tenth? Although most successful students recognize the importance of reading instructions thoroughly and following them, some students may master the skill slowly. Education World provides lessons to help your students read, write, follow, and even evaluate directions. Included: Lessons that make following directions fruitful and fun.

Fifty States, Five Lessons
Stuck for fun or new ways to teach about the 50 states (or Canadian provinces and Australian states)? This week, Education World offers five lessons to liven up your 50 States unit. Included: Lessons in language, math, phys ed, more.

More Geography Awareness Week Fun

Geography lessons can make a "world" of difference because geography is by nature multidisciplinary.

More Timely Lesson Ideas
Reading Fun for All Year Long
Teaching About Thanksgiving Then and Noww
Native American Heritage Month
Take Note: Five Lessons for Note-Taking Fun
The Great American Smokeout (November 18)

Lesson Plan of the Day
See lesson plans posted on recent days:
Mondays Lesson of the Day
An easy recipe makes a great holiday gift for kids to give. (Grades K-12)
Tuesdays Lesson of the Day
Challenge students to find the matching synonyms. Synonym list included. (Grades 3-12)
Wednesdays Lesson of the Day
Recognize the anniversary of Rosa Parks historic bus ride (December 1) by completing a diagram of the bus. (Grades K-5)
Happy Thanksgiving!
See more Lesson Plans of the Day.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Math Games With Joanne and Jane
This week: Place Value Snap teaches math facts.

Vicki Cobbs Show-Biz Science
This cola taste test may surprise you.

Learning Game of the Week
Review knowledge as you run the bases in Play Ball game.

Friday Fun
Ellis Island simulation increases students understanding, empathy.

From Our
Early Childhood
Activity Bank

Special Activities for All Year Long
Early Childhood Activity Archive
Find 400+ activities perfect for the early childhood setting. These activities have been culled from previous issues of our Early Childhood Newsletter. Search by month for timely activities, or search the Activity Bank by subject.
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From the Learning Machine
Explore the coolest resources on the Web.
From the Math Machine
Mathteroids is a fun Web site for teaching multiples. (Grades 3-6)
From the Science Machine>
Use Feel the Heat to explore the topics of heat, energy, and engineering. (Grades K-8)
From the Reading Machine
Tina's World: Real or Make Believe? reinforces real and make believe (Grades K-1)

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans
Teacher Lesson #1
Students blow bubbles, measure them, predict their staying power. (Grades 3-5)
Teacher Lesson #2
A class mascot leaves clues about geographic locations.
Teacher Lesson #3
Engaging game teaches about plotting points on a plane.

More Lesson Ideas
Technology Lesson Plans
Mystery State
Early Childhood Themes
Phonics Word Search

Bulletin Boards That Teach
Holiday Mail from Around the U.S. -- Collect and map postmarks that students cut from holiday cards delivered to their families.

5-Minute Fillers
Volume 35.

Month of Fun: November
See some timely, fun, and educational Web resources for kids:
Words for Hello Matching Game (Grades 6-12)
John F. Kennedy Comprehension Activity (Grades 3-6)
Multiplication Mystery Computation Game (Grades 3-5)
Food Safety Mobile Game (Grades 3-6)
Thanksgiving Anagram Activity (Grades 3-5)
Percent Shopping Math Game (Grades 5-8)
Colors Word Search (Grades 1-3)

Just for This Month!
See our November Month of Fun, November Word Search, and November Coloring Calendar. PLUS! Create your own work sheets for this months holidays and special days.

Best Books for Teaching About…

Each week, Education World presents our Editors Choices for the best books for teaching about popular classroom themes. Check out our choices and add your own recommendations to the Readers Voices section of this weeks themed booklists.

Week 4 Best Books for Teaching About...December Holidays

Best Books for Teaching About...Countries of the World

See more great books for students and classroom teaching themes.

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