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'GoldieBlox' Toys Hook Girls on Engineering

Girl-friendly construction toys teach fundamental engineering concepts and aim to get girls interested in STEM careers.

New Research Shows Repeating Algebra Does Not Benefit Students

Algebra can be difficult for some students, but simply retaking the class may not benefit most students, according to a recent study.

Survey: Should Parents Tip or Gift Teachers This Holiday Season?

The holidays are here and parents may be figuring out what to give their favorite educator. A recent survey finds that most parents don’t give gifts or tips to their students’ teachers, and teachers don’t expect holiday gifts either.

Teacher: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Educators

Former teacher Allie Gross offers gifts for teachers this holiday season.

Video Roundup: Glaciers

It's getting cold out! Which means that everything will soon be turning to ice. It's also an opportunity to teach students about glaciers.

What Hollywood Has Taught Us About Teachers

NPR looks at how Hollywood has depicted teachers through film and television.

Pennsylvania Teacher Wins Free Coffee for a Year

Being a teacher, contrary to belief, is more than an 8-hour job. Teaching is a tiring job, so turning to coffee is a preferable choice for educators looking for an extra boost during their day.