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Teacher Wrestles with Future of Troubled Students

In one of his first teaching jobs, teacher and blogger Steven Singer was assigned to "a bunch of students from grades 6-8 who simply couldn't make it in a regular setting," he said, according to his blog post, "The Killer in My Classroom."

Student Offers Perspective on the PARCC, Says It's Not So Bad

A Sante Fe, New Mexico student who took the PARCC exams offered Education World her perspective on what standardized testing really is like.

State's Common Core Review Reveals Widespread Support

In Tennessee, Gov. Bill Haslam launched a public inquiry into the state's Common Core standards, creating a website that allowed state residents to read through the standards and vote on them over a six-month period of time.

STEM News Roundup: Integrating STEM in the Classroom for All Ages

The school year is coming to a close and many districts are reflecting on what innovative STEM projects have found success with their students in their classrooms. See what classrooms around the country are doing to get kids involved in STEM and how you can adapt the projects for your classroom and grade level.

Universal Design for Learning Could Help Personalize Learning

Universal Design of Learning (UDL) is a theory developed in the 1990s that stipulates that teaching for all can be optimized by studying how humans learn and using that information to design universal learning plans.

Educator Gives Advice for Teaching English Language Learners

Educator Lindsey Meyer urges fellow educators to focus on helping English Language Learners (ELL) succeed in the classroom and offers several ideas on how to do so.

Exploring Freeman Dyson's Objective Views on Climate Change

Blogger Ann Reid explores scientific misconceptions and the work of scientist Freeman Dyson.