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Expert: Giving Students a Voice in Hiring Teachers 'Makes Sense'

Nick Morrison, education expert, writes that giving students a voice when it comes to hiring new teachers is just "common sense."

Schools Advocate for Financial Literacy in the Classroom

Students with greater financial literacy can become adults who can handle financial tasks and obligations better. Teaching students how to handle money can even make them more desirable to future employers.

STEM Teachers: Build Working Electric Vehicles With Your Class

From Switch Vehicles, Inc. in Sebastopol, CA, comes a project-based learning and STEM curriculum that has classes build, and even operate, an electric car.

Reports Find 'Small Gains' After Common Core Implementation

Students in one state saw test gains after implementing the Common Core state standards. However, it may be a challenge to tell whether or the boost came because of the standards.

Study: Teacher Experience Improves Job Performance

A recent finding from a handful of studies suggests the notion that teachers improve over their first three or so years and plateau thereafter may not be true. In fact, they suggest the average teacher's ability to boost student achievement increases.

Urban Schools 'Zero Out' Zero-Tolerance Policies

A number of urban school districts in the country are abandoning the zero-tolerance policies and picking up a new process called the "whole-child approach."

Teacher: The 'Disturbing' Things I Learned About Common Core

Emily Talmage, an elementary school teacher in Lewiston, Maine, shared some recent research she found on the new Common Core tests.