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Every-Day Edit: Banned Books Week

Raise students' awareness about Banned Books Week with this informative editing activity.

Creative Writing: Greek Gods to Modern Superheroes

Students use critical thinking to compare Greek gods and myths to modern superheroes. Then they write about special characters who aid the modern world.

Best Instructional Videos: American Literature

Explore fun videos about American authors commonly covered in middle- and high-school English classes.

Explore the Most-Read Irish Authors

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a student-specific research tool has ranked the 10 most-read Irish authors.

Augmented Reality Brings Books to Life

This technology offers three-dimensional interactivity while enhancing student learning.

Newly Enhanced Home Reading Tool Helps Teachers

An online tool for helping kids learn to read is likely to be a hit with classroom teachers, thanks to a recent upgrade.

Harry Potter Inspires: Wizardly Efficiency Lesson

Math, map reading and critical thinking skills take center stage as kids in grades 3-6 plan a series of tasks.