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Use Sci-Fi to Teach STEM, Inspire Innovation

Sci-fi plots not only feed students’ imaginations, but also pique their interest in real-world science and technology.

Shocking Student Punishments

We've compiled five shocking stories of school punishments that have raised eyebrows in the educator community.

Podcasts for Every Subject: Science

Get science podcasts with great video and audio for teaching.

Book Review: Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators

This title helps teachers support students as they use current technologies to create multimedia presentations.

Angora Rabbits: Common Core Language Arts Lesson

Grade K-2 students learn about unusual animals, determine the main topic and details of a reading passage, then do a cute coloring activity.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

September 16 marks the anniversary of when Mexico started a revolt against the Spanish making this an excellent week to teach your students about Mexican history.

Ten Note Taking Tips For Students

EducationWorld has curated a list of tips to help your students take effective notes.