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Dance Game as PE Activity? Join the 'Revolution'

Dance Dance Revolution now offers a classroom edition that will have students sweating in no time.

Site Review:

Here's a straightforward tool that students and teachers can use to create great-looking infographics.

Talking About Tough Topics in the Classroom

Rather than shying away from difficult discussions, teachers may want to let students express their thoughts and feelings. Here's how.

Site Review: Comic Creator

Although it offers limited options, this site provides an engaging way for students to tell a story.

Resources for Poetry Month

Find a variety of lessons and teaching ideas to celebrate National Poetry Month (April).

Gifts-in-Kind: Get Free Stuff for Your School

Browse catalogs of donated supplies and request what you need, saving on supplies and limiting teachers’ out-of-pocket costs.

iPad App Review: PaperDesk

This helps educators and students take more organized notes.