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School Network Uses Project-Based Learning, Not AP Tests, as College Prep

In an interview with, a director from the San Diego-based charter school network, High Tech High, explains its success despite its unconventional college prep methods and its disregard for the norm of the AP curriculum.

Opinion: A Competitive U.S. Can’t Leave Art Behind

As STEM learning is emphasized lately, some educators are questioning if other enriching subjects that spur creativity and innovation are getting ignored.

At World Science Festival, Students Can Interact with Renowned Scientists

From May 27 through May 31, NASA will be hosting this year's World Science Festival in New York to more than 100,000 visitors and will feature a variety of hands-on all-day activities for interested participants.

Ways Schools Can Address Growing Mental Health Concerns

Recent surveys and data have revealed that mental health treatment for U.S. children is at a record high. Earlier this month, a group of students and their teacher filed a class action suit against the Compton Unified School District for not doing enough to help students deal with childhood trauma resulting in mental health issues in its schools.

Data Shows Teacher Satisfaction Lowest in County's "Renaissance" Schools

In Tampa, Florida, where the schools that serve the lowest income-earning areas are named renaissance schools, new survey data has revealed that teachers from these areas experience the lowest job satisfaction rates compared with countywide data.

Test Cyber Attack Shows Potential Security Dangers for All Online Tests

The world of education technology has also become a target for cyber attacks, which raises the question as to whether or not students are safe while completing tasks online.

Opinion: Diverse Research Crucial in Determining How Blended Learning Works

According to Michael B. Horn,founder and Executive Director of Education at the Clayon Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, using diverse methods of research to report findings on the effectiveness of blended learning is important to best understand how the complex mode of personalized learning works.