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STEM News Roundup: Integrating STEM in the Classroom for All Ages

The school year is coming to a close and many districts are reflecting on what innovative STEM projects have found success with their students in their classrooms. See what classrooms around the country are doing to get kids involved in STEM and how you can adapt the projects for your classroom and grade level.

Educator Discusses How EdTech Has Changed Teaching

Starr Sackstein, veteran educator and author, admits that she started teaching before technology was a must-have in the classroom. Now, she says she can't teach without it and explains why.

5 Tech Tools For Teachers: Amazon Whispercast, Inkspace & More

Amazon’s Whispercast and the recently announced NexGen are two great resources that educators can use to get organized and share ideas but there are also a few more tools out there that can aid teachers development.

Site Review: Canva

Canva is a hybrid educational tool that pulls together photo editing, design, and layout. Free to all, Canva can be used by teachers for countless projects.

Using Scratch in the Classroom: Five Ideas

Programmers and "makers" ages eight and up can create video animations, games, digital instruments and more. Get ideas here.

Research Suggests Watching Educational Videos Doesn't Help Learning

One physics teacher's research has found that showing students educational videos relating to course matter did not help improve learning, according to

MOOCs vs. Traditional Instruction: Which is Best for College Prep?

MOOCs originated in higher ed and now they are helping high school students prepare for the rigors of college--while gaining some credit in the meantime.