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Feeling maxed out? At capacity? Let's talk about how to manage our high-need classrooms.
Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own DIY summer professional development.
Education World has found some things that will absolutely be on every educator’s “to do” list this summer.
More and more educators are using social media to engage with their school community: posting projects, reminders, and classroom celebrations.
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Globally, we continue to slip behind other countries. We are no longer the model, as countries like Finland and South Korea have gained the spotlight.
Feeling maxed out? At capacity? Let's talk about how to manage our high-need classrooms.
As schools around the country will learn about the election season--Education World has you covered when it comes to the right activities and...
A variety of applications and websites that will engage early readers, and help them master the five components of literacy.
Students participate in simple hands-on activities that demonstrate Daniel Bernoulli's principle of air pressure and air flight.
Students tour a virtual gallery of Mexican art and try some projects of their own.
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An unusual climber scaled a 25 story building in Minnesota. It was a raccoon!
With this overview of great lists, teachers can create great student summer reading programs.
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Supporting English Language Learners has become a growing need and concern within classrooms as the culture of our country grows and evolves. We have...
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Read a book, garden, listen to music, take a pottery class, visit with friends and family, try a new recipe, take a trip, binge watch a Netflix...
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I never saw great value in being formally observed by an administrator or peer-evaluator, receiving some feedback and never hearing from them again.