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Highlights Work Sheet Library

Highlights for Children® is pleased to present 36 feature pages from their popular children's magazine. Click each link below to access activities that will provide hours of fun for students.

  • Hidden Pictures® Puzzles
  • Rebus Stories
  • Crafts 

    More Printable
    Work Sheets From
    Education World
    Writing Bugs
    Printable student work sheets motivate student writing.
    A to Z

    Build geography skills, one letter at a time.
    Every-Day Edits
    Printable sheets for daily language practice.
    Math Puzzles: Choose from two printable puzzles:
    It All Adds Up
    Basic addition, a fun format.
    Number Cross
    Try a challenging weekly puzzle.
    Scavenger Hunts
    Printable classroom computer center activities.
    Template Library
    Graphic organizers, certificates, letters, more.
    Coloring Calendars
    Plus 25 ideas for using calendars to teach skills.
    If you're looking for more great Highlights fun, be sure to see the Web site.

    Hidden Pictures® Puzzles

    "Piglets Take a Holiday"
    "Picnic Paradise"
    "Tree House Fun"
    "Prehistoric Pals"
    "Storytime for Bears"
    "The Deer"
    "Flapjack Breakfast"
    "Inventors at Work"
    "New Chick"
    "Boating Camp"
    "Free Kittens"

    Rebus Stories

    "Sunny Joins the Herd"
    "Frog Said"
    "The Rainbow Garden"
    "With My Senses"
    "Better Than Ever"
    "Grandma's Game"
    "The Lost Jacket"
    "Bunny Hunt"
    "Mouse and the Moon"
    "Where Is Amy?"
    "Will's Circles"


    Wavy Whale
    Finger-Painted T-Shirt
    Berry-Basket Frame
    Inchworm Pencil Topper
    Wacky Critters
    Safe Fireworks
    Puzzle-Piece Art
    Four-Part Bank
    Sun Mobile
    Bounce-'n'-Toss Game
    Easy-Grip Car
    Pizza-Box Art Project

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