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A Techtorial
Complete the checklist to ensure that you, your students, and the technology are ready for the new school year.

September Traceable Calendar

Students will enjoy practicing writing their numbers and more with this traceable September calendar.

Tech Lesson
Formatting Fun
Students practice formatting basics for use in classroom writing activities. (Grades K-5)

Sites to See
Online Writing Tools
Watch student writing come alive with free online writing tools for students in grades 7-12 or K-12 teachers. Publish student writing online, participate in collaborative writing, or develop interactive fiction.

It's here! September has arrived and along with it our new traceable September calendar. In fact, all year long, if you're looking for resources for your preschool or primary students, our Teacher Templates page is a great place to start. Along with monthly traceable calendars, you'll find name tags, congratulatory certificates, bulletin board resources, center signs, holiday worksheets, fun printable bookmarks and bookplates, traffic signs, and much more. And we add new templates -- for a variety of ages and grade levels -- evey week!
Speaking of preschool and primary resources, have you signed up for our Early Childhood Education Newsletter yet? It's free -- and chock full of themed lessons, activities, links, poems, projects, and more. Why would you even try to teach little ones without it?

Smile! Digital Cameras Can Make Your Day
Teachers across the country and around the world are discovering the many valuable uses for digital cameras; uses that both engage students and make their own professional lives easier.

Get Kids Off to a Smart Start:
Essential Computer Tips for Parents and Teachers

What every student, parent, and teacher can do to protect his or her Windows-based investment.

Tech Classroom Spotlight
Picture Perfect
Michelle Gay's young photographers use pictures as an inspiration for writing.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
Wordle While You Work
Thanks to a nifty web tool called Wordle, you can create your own word clouds and tap into the educational benefits this verbal-ranking, categorization tool offers.

Doug Johnson
A Proposal for Banning Pencils
I am suggesting that we ban one of the most potentially harmful technologies of all -- the pencil. We must eliminate them from schools because...

Bernie Poole: Reflecting Poole
Free Online Teacher Tools
A few of my favorite online teacher tools -- including Classroom Architect, BlogMeister, Survey Builder, Timeline Builder, Web Scrapbook, and Web Collaborator.

From the Math Machine
Planet Blaster is a fun Web site for teaching basic computation or algebra. (Grades 2-7)

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Web Site Nirvana?
Taking on the work of a content management system requires three things

Alma Rowe's
Gadget of the Week

This Google tool allows users to present ideas using 3D models.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Wednesday, September 16
3:00pm (EST)
Digital Content from T.H.E. Journal.
Hear about authentic views from the first-ever national study of students, teachers and parents on the emerging use of digital content in classrooms .

Tuesday, September 22
2:00pm (EST)
Cost-Effective Digital Solutions for the 21st Century School from Tech&Learning.
This webinar will detail the latest trends in education technology and explore how your school can take advantage of the current stimulus to fund a digital makeover in and out of its classrooms.

Thursday, September 24
1:00pm (EST)
Tips for Teaching Synchronous Virtual Classes from Learn/Share.
This session explores how the roles of trainers have changed with the introduction of learning technologies.

From the Science Machine
Use Flower Pollination to explore the topics of biology and flowering plants. (Grades 3-12)

From the Reading Machine
Synonym Toast reinforces vocabulary, synonyms. (Grades 3-12)

Check out this week's site reviews:
Science @ NASA
Super NASA site focused on the science research conducted by NASA missions.

The American Museum of Natural History's "study of (everything)" site.

Archimedes' Laboratory
Clever and attractive site for puzzles; named after the ancient Greek genius.

Explore our Site Review Archives for more great sites. You also can keep up with our latest reviews by signing up for our Site Review Newsletter.

Twitter in Plain English
A quick and plain English intro to the micro-blogging service Twitter.

Starring: Digital Video
Video editing and display is easy to learn.