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UPDATED September 11th, 2000

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Research Shows Brains of Dyslexics Change as Reading Improves
As dyslexic children improve their reading through a phonics program, images of their brains reveal changes in brain metabolism. 9/8/00

Live at 9:00: Are You Ready for Web Cams in *Your* Classroom? 9/6/00

All Aboard the Success Express: On the Road With the Secretary of Education

What Do *You* Think of the Ed Department Goals? 8/31/00

Computer Rules Prevent Problems! 8/30/00

New Report Highlights the State of Rural Schools 8/30/00

Online Site Aimed At Reducing Teacher Shortfall 8/29/00

Mr. Lowe: From the Classroom to the Funny Papers! 8/29/00

Teaching Ideas Articles

Gold Medal Olympic Activities!
Go for the gold! 9/11/00


Australia: Lessons About the 'Land Down Under'! 9/5/00


How Can Teachers Help Shy Students? 9/1/00

Are You Ready for Some Football? 8/31/00

Baltimore Program Helps New Teachers Get Off to a Good Start 8/29/00

The First Six Weeks of School: A Plan for Making the Other 36 Weeks Go Smoothly! 8/28/00

The King of Classroom Management! (An Education World e-Interview with Classroom Management Expert Fred Jones) 8/25/00

Back-to-School Guide for Beginning Teachers (and Not-So-New Teachers Too)! 8/24/00

Classroom Management: Ten Teacher-Tested Tips! 8/23/00

Site Reviews

Connecting Students 9/8/00

SURWEB: The State of Utah Resources 9/5/00

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Two young educators share their hopes and fears, their triumphs and disasters, in this first-hand look at the realities of the teaching profession!

Shaundalyn Elliott's Diary
Week 2: 'Heeere They Come!'

Rich Henderson's Diary
Week 2: Well, I Made It

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    Ed Schools: Are Tomorrow's Teachers Making the Grade?
    How are our teacher education institutions doing? How might they improve on what they're doing? As the school year begins, Education World Principal Files principals reflect on new teachers they have hired in recent years. As well prepared as many of those teachers might be, principals say, colleges could do an even better job of training new teachers for the reality of the classroom. Included: Principals reflect on the need for new teachers to have more hands-on experiences, better classroom management skills, a keener awareness of the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in the school culture, and more!

    Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
    According to Fred Jones' Positive Classroom Discipline, "The most widespread management technique at home and in the classroom is nag, nag, nag." It's also probably the least effective. Learn how to stop nagging and start teaching. Included: Twelve teacher-tested tips for behavior management!

    TONS of Tips! --- Six Great 'Teacher Tips' Sites on the Web
    This week, Education World introduces you to six of the best "teacher tips" sites on the Web. In these sites you'll find hundreds of *practical* tips --- tried and tested tips from teachers willing to share. So sit back, get ready for a sampling of tips from these sites. (But remember, this sampling is just the "tip" of the iceberg.) Then explore the sites in more depth and find tips to motivate your students, organize your classroom, and much, much more!

    MORE Fabulous Freebies: Free Materials for Teachers!
    Looking for free teaching materials? Look no more! Education World has checked out lots of free resources and selected the best of the best. We share some of the highlights of these fabulous freebies, and -- of course -- we tell you how you can get your hands on them! Teaching materials for across the grades, including geography resources from the U.S. Geological Survey; an Arthur story-writing kit from the public television folks; science experiments for elementary/middle graders from the Edison Foundation; and a free magazine aimed at helping teens develop skills and character (and to help teachers and counselors help teens to do the same). Check out these great freebies!

    Fabulous Freebies: Free Materials for Teachers!
    Many companies and organizations offer free educational materials to teachers. Some are terrific. Some aren't. This week, Education World tells you about a few that are worth your time. Included are freebies for younger students, for older students, and for everyone! Topics include diet and nutrition, pet care, money, recycling, and gardening. Also: Free software sites for educators!

    A "Survival Kit" for New Teachers
    A new resource, bulging with practical ideas for classroom use, would make a great welcome gift for your school's new teachers! Included: Ideas for building "teamwork" skills, motivating students, and creating reading response journals!

    What's Going On in Teacher Education?
    Teacher training institutions across the U.S. are working to improve the quality of America's teachers. Here we highlight a handful of programs that are taking steps -- big and small -- to change the way teachers are trained.

    Case Studies Focus on Teachers' Everyday Problems
    Is "I'm bored!" one of your students' favorite expressions? Are name-calling and play-fighting problems that you face every day in your classroom? Follow six classroom teachers as they struggle to understand and find workable solutions to these and other everyday problems in a new book from author Ruth Charney.

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    Teacher Education
    The purpose of the Teacher Education site is to provide a reference to help student teachers prepare for exams, research papers, and practicums. The site is a comprehensive guide to current education trends and practices relevant to education students.

    Student TeacAnyone who's a teacher remembers their practicum well, especially that first time they taught the class on their own without supervision. For most it is a challenging and rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating. This is a site that can help prepare education students for successful and meaningful teaching experiences. The site includes a discussion area, plus advice on discipline, teaching methods, writing behavioral outcomes, and lots more.

    New Teacher Home Page
    This site was set up for teachers just starting out in the field of education. Users can see find information on classroom management, learning theories, finding a job, and more.

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