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    S P E C I A L     S T U D E N T S    
Every student is special, but there will always be some that need a little extra attention from their teachers. This section is devoted to helping you find resources that will help you work with students with special gifts, disabilities, health problems, and who are "at-risk" of school failure.


Special Education Community
Here you'll find resources on the IEP process, specific disablities, gifted education, and plenty more.

Special Needs Children
This specal section of the Parents Community has lots of great resources targeted at parents.

Assessment & Intervention
This page in the Early Childhood Educators Community has early intervention resources on special education and children "at-risk" for parents and teachers young children.

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Special Ed & Guidance

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Special Ed & Guidance

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Special Ed & Guidance

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Special Education


Special Education
At-Risk Resources

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities & Gifted Education
An excellent resource from the ERIC system.

Nat'l Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
The At-Risk Institute supports a range of research and development activities designed to improve the education of students at risk of educational failure because of limited English proficiency, poverty, race, geographic location, or economic disadvantage.

Nat'l Institute for Disabilities & Rehabilitation Research
NIDRR conducts comprehensive and coordinated programs of research and related activities to maximize the full inclusion, social integration, employment, and independent living of disabled individuals of all ages.

Family Village
A global community of disability related resources.

Office of Special Education Programs
OSEP's mission and organization focus on the free appropriate public education of children and youth with disabilities from birth through age 21.

A Curriculum Every Student Can Use: Design Principles For Student Access
An ERIC Publication.