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Best of the Year
Honor the Student of the Year -- or the Teacher of the Year.

A Techtorial
Learn how to create a basic Excel spreadsheet and how to use it to record, average, graph, and print students' grades.

Bugs and Insects
Add some fun to your late spring activities with a few sites exploring the wonderful world of insects.

Character education for elementary, middle, and high schools.

Exploratorium: Microscope Imaging Station
Get small with the famous Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Top 50 States
Lots of information about these United States.

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Brenda Dyck
Society is in need of technological gatekeepers who know that "...a new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything."

Doug Johnson
Every responsible educator's first concerns should be student safety and educational suitability; therefore Im suggesting we ban one of the most potentially harmful technologies of all -- the pencil.

More on Word Processing
Lesson 2 of Bernie Pooles Essential Microsoft Office 2007 focuses on formatting, from fonts to picture bullets -- and more.

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* Brenda Dyck
* Miguel Guhlin
* Doug Johnson
* Bernie Poole
* Alma Row
* Nancy Willard

Miguel Guhlin
Depending on your level of expertise, you can jump into online publishing with your own district-supported content management system. The rewards are great -- and the savings are enormous.

Gadget of the Week
Mixbook adds a new twist to online slide shows by enabling you to create a virtual book using your own digital photos.

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