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Students learn basic facts about pandas, and then categorize pandas using an online Venn diagram.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best Black History Sites
For Black History Month -- the best sites to teach and learn about African-American history.

Sites to See
Nearly three dozen music sites offer kids information about composers, conductors, and musical instruments.

Venn Diagram

The graphic organizer you've been searching for!

This Week's

A Techtorial
Learn how to use Word to create flow charts, concept maps, and other graphic organizers.

My mother always claimed (with evident exasperation) that the very first -- and by far most frequent -- word I spoke as a child was "why?" "Why do cows sleep standing up?" "Why do clouds float?" "Why does c-a-t spell cat?" "Why don't hurricanes happen in Idaho?" "Why do I have to...?"
I haven't changed a bit. I still find myself with a million (or so : ) questions a day -- Who...? What...? When...? Where...? Why...? How...? -- on a million (or so) different subjects.
What has changed is the opportunity to get immediate 24/7 answers to my questions -- all of my questions -- as long as I'm within easy reach of an Internet connection. Unlike my mother, the Web never tires of providing, not only answers to my questions, but more lovely questions to be answered as well.
It's safe to say, then, that I love the Internet. I love the instant access to information, to socialization; to debate and fraternization; to the important, the interesting, the trivial, and the just-plain-weird. Yes, my name is Linda and I'm an information junkie -- and the Internet is my drug of choice.
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Students Produce "Must See" TV
Students at a Pennsylvania elementary school keep families informed about school events by producing video segments that they upload to Teacher Tube.

FugleFlicks Give New Meaning to "Art Film"
Making movies to teach art concepts has transformed Tricia Fuglestad's teaching and the way her students learn.

Video Science
Steven Elwood's students and parents watch experiments online.

Doug Johnson: Tech Proof
Five for Fun
Lots of image generators are available on the Web. Most are free and easy to use -- so easy even a technology director can manage them. Here are five of my favorites.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
Wordle While You Work
Thanks to a nifty web tool called Wordle, you can create your own word clouds and tap into the educational benefits this verbal-ranking, categorization tool offers.

Bernie Poole: Reflecting Poole
Risks Involved in Integrating the Internet into the K-12 Curriculum
Lets consider eight risks involved in integrating the Internet into the K-12 curriculum -- and some solutions and resources to help you minimize those risks.

From the Reading Machine
The Plural Girls reinforces spelling and plurals. (Grades 2-12)

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Broadcast Learning: The Power of Network Learning
We need to think of learning as an experience that happens when we connect with others.

Alma Row's
Gadget of the Week

A Web-based telephone reminder tool or a better alarm clock.

Free Webinars
Tuesday, February 23
2:00pm (EST)
Autism: Confronting a Crisis in Public Education from Rethink Autism.
Explore evidence-based interventions for children with autism.

Thursday, February 25
3:00pm (EST)
Removing Barriers to 1:1 Classroom Computing from T.H.E. Journal.
Lenovos Michael J. Schmedlen talks about 1:1 initiatives and what you need to make it a reality.

From the Math Machine
Operation Order is a fun Web site for teaching order of math operations. (Grades 6-10)

From the Science Machine
Use Metals and Magnetism to explore the topics of chemistry and magnetism. (Grades 1-4)

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Jazz in America
Resources from the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Arts Alive
A fun look at orchestral music.

Creating Music
An interactive music environment.

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The Teacher Education Reform Song
A musical spoof of teacher education reform strategies.

Online Safety
Tips to ensure that ensure that students stay safe online and view only appropriate materials.