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School "Rules"!
Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that will last the whole year through. Many teachers involve students in establishing their classroom rules. (Surprisingly, student-created rules are often much the same as -- or even tougher than -- rules a teacher might create.) Included: Ten activities involve students in creating classroom rules.

Back to School
More fun ideas for getting the year off to a great start.

More Icebreaker Activities
Education World has been collecting great icebreaker activities for more than a decade. Click this link to find 100+ teacher-contributed icebreaker activities for getting to know your students.

Be sure to check out our Back-to-School Archive for more activities and tips for the first days of school.

Education World's Work Sheet Library includes hundreds of free printables for use across the grades and across the curriculum. You will find a sampling of our printables below. Visit our Work Sheet Library for a complete selection.

Every-Day Edits
Primary Edits
Animals A to Z: Alligator.
Ele-Middle Edits
Anne Frank, Columbus, Hawaii

Writing Bug
Story Starter
A writing activity for the second day of school.

Coloring Calendar
August Calendar
Plus 25 ideas for using the learning calendar.

Build a Fab Vocab
Vocab-u-lous! Activity
Labor Day words.

Hunt the Fact Monster
Students learn Internet searching skills as they search the Fact Monster.
Primary Hunts
Ele-Middle Hunts

Math Cross Puzzle
Math Puzzle # 17
Review #6

Geography A to Z
Places That Begin With the Letters U and V
Can you name all seven places?

More Printables
Work Sheets from Teacher Created Materials
100+ printables for all subjects, grades.
Phonics Word Search Puzzles
A puzzle a week all school year long.
Sudoku Puzzles
Challenge students with number fun.
Work Sheet Library
See our entire library of free printables.

Hurricane Watch!
To your students, September probably means new friends, new books, and new and exciting adventures. But to meteorologists, September signifies an adventure of another kind. It's the peak month of the Atlantic hurricane season. Education World provides activities designed to help students understand this powerful force of nature.

August Lesson
A month with no holidays? Have students make up their own.

Lesson Plan of the Day
See lesson plans posted on recent days:
Write a rap lyric about a famous African-American. (Grades 3-12)
Memorable maps lesson shows a year of geography skill growth. (Grades K-12)
Great book activities for all year long. (Grades K-12)
Ten strategies for creating lively debates in the classroom. (Grades 3-12)
Every student deserves 60 seconds in the spotlight. (Grades 3-12)
See more Lesson Plans of the Day.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Math Games With Joanne and Jane
This week: T-Ball Multiplication.

Vicki Cobbs Show-Biz Science
Learn why you shouldn't hold your nose around garbage.

Learning Game of the Week
You Can Count on Spelling game reinforces spelling, math.

Friday Fun
A yearlong project creates a great end-of-year memento.

From Our
Early Childhood
Activity Bank

Special Activities for Back to School and More
Who Do You See at School?
Here I Am
Lets Sing
Read About Staying Healthy
Bear Biscuits

From the Learning Machine
Explore the coolest resources on the Web.
From the Science Machine
Use Science of Music to explore the topics of sound and music. (Grades 3-8)
From the Reading Machine
Chicken Stacker reinforces short vowel sounds. (Grades K-2)
From the Math Machine
Tickets Please! is a fun Web site for teaching addition. (Grades 1-2)

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans
Teacher Lesson #1
Teach the concepts of mutual respect, high expectations. (Grades 9-12)
Teacher Lesson #2
Experience bias, stereotyping with this grade 6-12 lesson.
Teacher Lesson #3
Compare Californias population in Gold Rush times to today.
Teacher Lesson #4
Older students create ABC books for younger students.

More Lesson Ideas
Technology Lesson Plans
Mystery State
Early Childhood Themes
Phonics Word Search

Bulletin Boards That Teach
"Getting To Know Us" Crossword -- Can students complete a crossword puzzle about themselves?

5-Minute Fillers
Volume 21.

Month of Fun: August
See some timely, fun, and educational Web resources for kids:
Trains Word Search (Grades 2-5)
Printable Eyes Games and Puzzles (Grades 2-4)
Davy Crockett Cloze Activity (Grades 3-5)
Budget Odyssey Game (Grades 9-12)
School Days Crossword (Grades 3-5)
Lemonade Maze (Grades 3-12)
Hawaii Map Quiz (Grades 3-5)

Just for This Month!
See our August Month of Fun, August Word Search, and August Coloring Calendar. PLUS! Create your own work sheets for this months holidays and special days.

Best Books for Teaching About…

Each week, Education World presents our Editors Choices for the best books for teaching about popular classroom themes. Check out our choices and add your own recommendations to the Readers Voices section of this weeks themed booklists.

Best Books for Teaching About...Back to School

Best Books for Teaching About...The Five Senses

See more great books for students and classroom teaching themes.

From the Education World MarketPlace

Be sure to visit our MarketlPlace. The Education World MarketPlace features products handpicked for educators.

This Week's Feature
Classroom and Recess Games
Board games, outdoor games, jumbo games, educational games, electronic games -- they're all here in the Education World MarketPlace. Check out our game shelves for everything you need for classroom fun and learning.

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