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Four Year-Long Projects for Student-Growth Reflection

Year-long projects are important fpr students just as much as teachers. Students can see what they can improve on or what they are good at. Here are four year-long project ideas for student-growth reflection.

Six Outdoor Language Arts Activities

Since the weather will still be warm when students are back in school, there is a chance for teachers to take their students outside and teach them how to read and write in new and creative ways.

Eight Resources to Teach Hispanic Heritage Month

For 2014, September 15 starts Hispanic Heritage Month, where Americans celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from countries such as Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Video Roundups: Teaching 9/11

EducationWorld has rounded up three educational kid-friendly videos on 9/11 for teachers to show in their classroom. With each video, there is a description, grade level, and "sensitivity factor", which aims to tell teachers whether or not it is graphic, or if it is watered down to the younger crowd.

Five Constitution Day Activities for the Classroom

Resources like the Constitution Center, the National Archives, and more offer plenty of activities, games, videos, lesson plans, and more that serve to help educators teach their students about Constitution Day. Here are five Constitution Day activities for the classroom.

Great Grandparents Day Activities

Need classroom activities for Grandparents Day, or fun projects that students can take home to do with special relatives?

Student Discussion: History of Labor Day

Use these talking points to guide student discussion and help kids understand the true meaning of the holiday.