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Education World's Work Sheet Library includes hundreds of free printables for use across the grades and across the curriculum. You will find a sampling of our printables below. Visit our Work Sheet Library for a complete selection.

Math Fact Practice
Math Fact Practice Work Sheets
Use these printables for addition, subtraction, and multiplication math fact practice. Coming soon: division.

Free Work Sheets
From TLS Books

Using a Thesaurus
Use a thesaurus to find a new word to replace each underlined word.

Every-Day Edits
Primary Edits
Animals A to Z: Reindeer.
Ele-Middle Edits
Alexander Graham Bell, Barbie, Ides of March

Writing Bug
Story Starter
Inquiring Minds Want to Know -- Number 4 Be a tabloid news reporter!

Coloring Calendar
March Calendar
Plus 25 ideas for using the learning calendar.

Build a Fab Vocab
Vocab-u-lous! Activity
Words that begin with T.

Hunt the Fact Monster
Primary Hunt
March hunt #1
Ele-Middle Hunt
Hunt #23

Math Cross Puzzle
Math Puzzle # 9
Review #3

Geography A to Z
Places That Begin With the Letter L
Can you name all seven places?

More Printables
Work Sheets from Teacher Created Materials
100+ printables for all subjects, grades.
Phonics Word Search Puzzles
A puzzle a week all school year long.
Sudoku Puzzles
Challenge students with number fun.
Work Sheet Library
See our entire library of free printables.

Womens History Month
Make March special by inspiring your students with lessons and resources that will help them recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of important women past and present. Included: Cross-curriculum activities for all grades.

Celebrate Pi Day
Teachers in many classrooms celebrate Pi Day this month. Pi -- the number 3.14 -- gets its own special day on 3/14, or March 14. Why dont you plan a Pi Day party for your students?

Nutrition Month
If your students think nutrition is a dull topic, they haven't gotten the full story. Theyll be sure to gobble up these activities that will help them understand the benefits of eating well, the power of the food guide pyramid, and the history of food. Included: Classroom activities for use across the grades.

Read Across America Day
Celebrate reading and Dr. Seusss birthday on March 2.

Worlds Largest Concert

Is your school participating in the Worlds Largest Concert on March 11?

Honoring Our Heroes on National Heroes Day (March 12)
Where are the real heroes for today's children and young adults? Use these lessons to find out.

St. Patricks Day
Stir up a pot of gold-medal fun, and mix in some learning, with these St. Patricks Day activities and projects that wee have pulled together for you.

Alaskas Iditarod
Learn geography, math, more, as you follow the race.

More Timely Lesson Ideas
Teaching About the Five Senses
Black History Month
Dental Health Month

Lesson Plan of the Day
See lesson plans posted on recent days. Search for lessons by subject.

Vicki Cobbs Show-Biz Science
Discover invisible ridges on a magnet.

News for Kids
States Declare War on Carp
Invasive species are creating problems in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Learning Game of the Week
Spelling Takes a Hit an active spelling game.

Friday Fun
Drawing lesson improves students communication skills.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Math Games With Joanne and Jane
This week: Climb The Ladder teaches addition to 100.

From Our
Early Childhood
Activity Bank

Special Activities for Nutrition Month (March), Spring, More
Nutrition Month Read-Alouds
Our Breakfast Big Book
Watch Your Balance! (Nutrition Month)
Nutritious Reading
Spring Weather Words
Silly Seeds
Beautiful Seeds
Seed It!

From the Learning Machine
Explore the coolest resources on the Web.
From the Science Machine
Use Eeko World to explore concepts related to the environment. (Grades K-4)
From the Reading Machine
Supermarket Spree reinforces vocabulary and languages. (Grades K-6)
From the Math Machine
Math Frozen Bubble is a fun Web site for teaching a wide variety of math skills. (Grades K-12)

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans
Teacher Lesson #1
Playing cards reinforce mean, median, range concepts. Teacher Lesson #2
A hot dog is a metaphor for good student writing.
Teacher Lesson #3
Hands-on game reinforces basic math-facts skills.

More Lesson Ideas
Sudoku Puzzles
Book Report Makeover
Backpack-tivities (Homework Activities)
Technology Lesson Plans

Bulletin Boards That Teach
Bulletin Boards That Teach
My Hero! -- Honor personal heroes for Women's History Month in March.

5-Minute Fillers
Volume 39.

Month of Fun: March
See some timely, fun, and educational Web resource for kid:
Matching Equivalent Measures (Grades 4-6)
Yellowstone Lake Jigsaw Puzzle (Grades 3-12)
One Fish Two Fish Concentration Game (Grades K-2)
Alexander Graham Bell Reading Quiz (Grades 4-6)
Womens History Month Challenge (Grades 4-6)
Breakfast Nutrition Game (Grades 2-4)
Musical Instruments Word Game (Grades 2-5)

Just for This Month!
See our March Month of Fun, March Word Search, and March Coloring Calendar. PLUS! Create your own work sheets for this months holidays and special days.

Best Books for Teaching About…

Each week, Education World presents our Editors Choices for the best books for teaching about popular classroom themes. Check out our choices and add your own recommendations to the Readers Voices section of this weeks themed booklists.

Best Books for Teaching About...Fitness

Best Books for Teaching About...The Life Cycle

See more great books for students and classroom teaching themes.

From the Education World MarketPlace

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This Week's Feature
Awards and Incentives
Award medals, ribbons, and trophies. Plus certificates and preprinted pencils. All perfect for rewarding students for classroom or schoolwide achievement. See a complete selection in the Education World MarketPlace.

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