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From the Reading Machine
Alton-Ra: The Lost Statue reinforces spelling and sentence structure. (Grades 3-6)

From the Math Machine
Penguin Waiter is a fun Web site for teaching about percentages and money. (Grades 4-12)

From the Science Machine
Cell Models explores cell types and structure, meiosis, and mitosis. (Grades 5-12)

The National Education Association, in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, issued a statement Monday highlighting five trends the association says paint a picture of today's U.S. public school teachers. Those trends are...

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Creating Learning Communities:
Reaffirming our Roles as
Lifelong Learners

The process of creating a learning community involves a step-wise, top-down process that recognizes that professional development programs need to combine an element of self-directedness, as well as connect to the collective environment.

Training the Next Generation of Science, Math Teachers
Dr. Angelo Collins, executive director of the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, explains how she hopes its fellows will help transform high-school math and science education.

Line-Up Review
Doug Buehl's line-up review promotes careful listening, coordinated movement, active learning.

Strategy of the Week
Review Games
Reviewing for tests can be a dreaded chore for both students and teachers. These resources will help tired educators liven up review time; students will enjoy the games, and teachers will see the results in improved test scores.

Ken Shore: The ABCs of Bullying Prevention
Bullying Myths
Erroneous beliefs about bullying downplay the seriousness of the problem, and keep caring adults from taking action.

Ms. Powell's Tips for Organizing Your Classroom
Organize Classroom Aides
Dedicate an adult-sized table and chair in a low-traffic area of the classroom as a place where an aide or volunteer can work.

Classroom Management Article of the Week
Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?
Students who fail to make the connection between effort and results attribute their successes and failures to someone or something other than themselves.

From Our Classroom Tips Library
Classroom Management: Plan Ahead
Behavior Management: Attendance and Tattling
Motivating Kids: Get Them Active
Book Report Makeover: A Video Report
Homework Tips: Homework Coupons
Best Idea Ever: Student Researchers
Testing Tips: Wake Up!

Fred Jones's Tools for Teaching
Creating Student Engagement
To create student engagement, the teacher must succeed in managing both discipline and instruction. If kids are goofing off, they aren't engaged.

Joe Martin: The Teacher Motivator
Teach It Forward
Sometimes the smallest gifts are the greatest gifts. I should know, because my physical education teacher made an impact on my life that I have never forgotten.

Eric Baylin's Songs to Brighten a Teacher's Day
They're Wild Again
Its May. Lets face it. Were wiped. Were weary. And were worn out. How do we muster the energy to keep our young charges engaged and in tow?

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Summer Slushies
Which summer slushie did each boy drink?

Math Cats
Spreadsheets: A Dynamic Path to Understanding Math
Let's take a look at what we can gain from using spreadsheets in a classroom math program.

Featured Article
Math in the News
Who needs word problems when the world around us is rich with real-life math problems?

Boxcar Math
Race to 100
Players practice identification of three-digit numbers and place value to 1000.

Math Mnemonics
Learn to count to 10.

Honey, I Shrunk the Balloons
A demonstration of how a black hole might be formed.

Blast Off!
A demonstration of the laws of motion that cause rockets to move.

Writing About Math
A look at some of the benefits of writing in math class; a variety of writing categories and topics; and suggestions for creating a positive environment for writing about math.

Mr. Cover's Class Reviews
Students become product testers and reviewers and publish their findings online.

"My Favorite Place"
Help students write excellent descriptions. (Grades 3-12)

"The Wall" Inspires Letters to Veterans
In time for Memorial Day, inspire students to write letters to veterans at local hospitals. (Grades K-12)

Writing Bugs
My Personal Tongue Twister
Make up a tongue twister using your own name.
When Spider Webs Unite
What does this old Ethiopian proverb mean to you?

Reading Feature
Shaking Willy's Hand: A Collaborative Project Teaming Teens and 'Tweens
Students in grades 4 and 10 collaborate to read, understand, and perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. Your students can do it too!

Anansi and the Yam Hills
A magic spell teaches a sneaky spider a lesson about greed.

Cathy Puett Miller
Making the Most of Guided Reading
Researchers identify the ultimate guided reading goal as helping children learn how to use independent reading strategies successfully. And...three tips for making the most of guided reading.

Best Books for Teaching About...

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