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National Student Poets Can Inspire Young Writers

Renew students' interest in poetry and liven up your English-class reading list!

Bullying Prevention: Student Leadership is Key

Too often, an adult-centric mindset has excluded young people from bullying prevention efforts.

RULER Program: Better Behavior and Achievement

This proven program develops emotional intelligence skills in students and school staff.

Best Practices for School Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Planning a student assembly on bullying? This handout offers evidence-based tips for selecting an effective presentation.

Book Review: Co-Teach!

This title is jam-packed with worksheets, activities, Web sites and embedded videos to support effective partner teaching.

Bullying: Teach Kids to Solve Interpersonal Problems

This expert says that attempting to enforce anti-bullying laws causes hostilities to escalate.

Talking About Tough Topics in the Classroom

Rather than shying away from difficult discussions, teachers may want to let students express their thoughts and feelings. Here's how.