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From the Science Machine
Use Everest: Roof of the World to explore geology and physiology. (Grades 6-12)

From the Reading Machine
Rooting Out Words reinforces vocabulary, root words, prefixes, and suffixes. (Grades 3-8)

From the Math Machine
Time Travelin' is a fun Web site for teaching students to tell time. (Grades 2-4)

You might have noticed that Education World has begun running a new ad campaign recently. Were always running ad campaigns, of course. Its the only way free sites like ours can survive. This one caught my eye, however, because it gives readers the opportunity to sign up for free offers, coupons, newsletters, online tools, and more.
Can there be a word more enticing, more engaging, more noticeable than the innocuous-looking four-letter word free? I think not. So in the spirit of getting noticed, Id like to share with you some of the free-for-educators resources Ive come across recently.
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Hooking Kids on Science
Magic and Harry Potter conjure up student interest in science lessons.

Iditarod Teacher on the Trail
Herb Brambley connects kids with the excitement of the Alaskan race.

The Parent-Child Reading Project
Kerry McDonald's sixth graders explore classic literature with their parents.

Strategy of the Week
In looping, a teacher moves with his or her students to the next grade level rather than sending them to another teacher at the end of the school year. What are the benefits and disadvantages?

Ask Dr. Shore...
About a Student With No Friends
I have a child in my third-grade class who does not seem to have any friends. What can I do to help him?

Ms. Powell's Tips for Organizing Your Classroom
Organize Math Materials By Chapter
Label a plastic container for each math chapter in your text and keep the materials used to teach the skills inside.

Classroom Management Article of the Week
Don't Get Even -- Get Help!
Students in one Canadian school created a Web site designed to help victims of bullies deal with the problem in nonviolent ways -- and to help victims and others learn how to solve the problem.

From Our Classroom Tips Library
Classroom Management: Meet the Students
Behavior Management: Catch Them Being Good
Motivating Kids: Connect Learning to Life
Book Report Makeover: Before and After
Homework Tips: Homework Island
Best Idea Ever: Reduce Stress With Humor
Testing Tips: Stress Less
EdTech Tips: Meaningful Web Research

Ruth Sidney Charney: The Responsive Classroom
The Three R's of Logical Consequences
A logical consequence has two steps: the first stops the misbehavior; the second recalls children to the rules and teaches alternative behaviors.

Emma McDonald: The New Teacher Advisor
The Hiring Process: A Little Research Can Help
Although you might be anxious to fill out applications and begin the interview process, it really is important that to take the time to do a little research first.

Eric Baylin's Songs to Brighten a Teacher's Day
I've Grown Accustomed to the Stress
Do you often feel at this time of the year as though your professional life is spiraling out of control? So much to do; so little time! What will you do? You could sing.

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Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
How much will it cost Beatrice to open a new puppy farm?

Wendy Petti's Math Cats
Picturing Mental Math
Help students develop a mental math tool bag. Think of it as mental math with training wheels.

Boxcar Math
Baseball "Three"
Multiplying 2-digit numbers.

Math Mnemonics
Multiplying with negative numbers.

I'm Upside Down
A demonstration of light reflection and the properties of light.

Understanding and Teaching Revision
Revision takes whittling and gluing, a process through which the image within a plain piece of writing is revealed.

The Weblog Class
Hilary Meeler's students blog their way to better writing skills.

Who, When, Where
Write a "Who, When, Where" story

A Book Is Like a Garden
What does this proverb about a book mean to you?

Writing Lessons
Basketball for Better Verse
Celebrate March Madness; challenge students to write poems about basketball.
Stir Up a Character Analysis Recipe
Stir up character analysis "recipes" for characters in literature/history.

Reading Feature
Get It "Write"
Research indicates that writing, by engaging students in creating and discovering meaning, improves reading comprehension.

The Wise Rabbit vs. the Greedy Lion
Long ago, a greedy lion hunted more animals than he really needed -- until wise Old Rabbit taught him a lesson.

Cathy Puett Miller
Glimpses Into Read-Aloud Classrooms
Merely inviting students to contribute verbally when you read aloud to them isnt enough. Take it to a higher level with analytical talk.

Best Books for Teaching About...

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