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From the Principal's Toolbox

Rewards Motivate Students to Achieve Reading Goals
When our students read 34,000 books, they were rewarded with a live concert. A local group of musicians from our high school were supposed to perform, but had to back out at the last minute, so we went to Plan B and had our teachers form groups and perform for our students -- which they loved!

From Our
Leadership Library

Online Gallery Raises Funds, Self-Esteem
Artsonia is a fundraiser and a free online gallery for student art.

Homework Study Hall
Program helps students make up missed work.

Building Morale
Principals use FISH! philosophy to motivate staff.

School Air Quality
Communities fight against mold, more.

Of Principal Concern:
A Blog for
School Leaders

Have you seen the latest blog entries? Get Set to Celebrate Books During School Library Month, Childrens Book Week
Your students might not have appeared on Oprahs show like the kids at Ocoee Middle School did earlier this month, but that doesnt mean you cant get them as motivated to read as the kids at OMS are.
Last Weeks Blog Entry
Do Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver Stand a Chance?

Partners for
Student Success

Families Share the Reading Experience, Bolster Reading Skills
Reading specialists at one Illinois school approached their parent group and proposed a new project. A "parent-child book discussion group," which would strengthen family connections through a shared reading experience, has become a bestseller!

Focus On
The Homework Dilemma
The debate over homework -- what kinds, how much, how to grade it -- is an active one in many schools. It is one that impacts the entire school community. The articles in this archive share stories and practical tips that will help you as you lead this challenging discussion with the members of your school community.

From the Principal Files
Make Graduation Day Special
Whether you call it Graduation Day, Move-Up or Step-Up Day, or Recognition or Promotion Day, the day you set aside to honor your school's "senior" class can be a special one with these ideas from Education World's "Principal Files" team.

Newsletters R Us
Copy and paste this free content into your teacher or school newsletters.
Caught on the Web GeoSpy (Grades 2-up)
Newsletter Clipart Library Clipart for Every Month
Fun Facts Volume #21
Parent Newsletter Template Spring
Math @ Home Simply Symmetrical 2
Parent Pointers Dealing With Sadness
Newsletter Clipart Library Clipart for Every Month

Education World's
Administrator's Desk Columnists

Pete Hall's Always Strive To Be a Better You
Less Is More
Weve got district initiatives, government regulations, grant stipulations, contracted obligations, state mandates Heck, our plates are full! Lets remove some of the clutter from our plates by removing some of the clutter from our teachers plates.

From Our
Admin Feature Archive

Pawlas on PR
A drill sergeants advice has stuck with me for years.

Take Five for
Getting the most out of the teacher evaluation process.

How I Handled
An emergency in which a student broke his leg.

Principal Ideas #11
Pies and water balloons boost attendance, Teacher Appreciation Year!, more...

Instant Meeting #22
A graphic tool helps staff analyze a problems causes.

Exceptional Event
Math Night (Math Awareness Month)

Morning Math
Questions for Week #32

More Features
Turnaround Tales
School Grants
Administrators Message Board

Education Humor with Gina Barreca
Prescient Report Cards
This week, Gina writes, Its hard to write sincerely interested, personally invested, and seriously detailed evaluations of kids who, by this point in the school year, we most sincerely, personally, and seriously want to lock in the supply cabinet until the final bell rings.

Diane Hodges Looking Forward to Monday Morning
A prolific author and a frequent presenter at education conferences, Diane Hodges offers ideas you can use to drive your staff happy! This week
More Ideas for Recognizing Admin Professionals Day
--- Students' View of the Job
--- What Every Woman/Man Wants
--- Quote This!

Paul Youngs Young @ Heart
Give Yourself the Best Gift: The Gift of Time
Time is a precious resource. So why do most principals give it away so freely? We need to learn to regain control of our daily schedules. We need to learn how to create time for ourselves. Do you want to save precious minutes every day? Or create more hours in a week? Included: Two dozen ideas ideas to help you accomplish just that.

Leah Davies, The Teacher Counselor
Enrichment Activities for Children
Schools have an opportunity to enhance children's social and emotional growth as well as their academic knowledge. These four activities will help foster self-understanding, positive peer interaction, initiative, and learning.

Mr. Ivan:
The Principal Poet

Education Worlds resident poet, Mr. Ivan, presents a poem that is sure to bring grins to school leaders everywhere. This weeks poem is...
Teacher's Questions
But Ive started thinking lately
That teachers really not that bright
Cuz she keeps on asking questions
With answers even I get right

Read more

Meet the other members of Education World's columnist team:
Carlton Ashby
Larry Bell
Evelyn Cortez-Ford
Sandra Harris
Don Peek

More from the Administrator's Desk

Wire Side Chat
Resources to Help Reach and Teach Autistic Students
Autism Spectrum Disorders are the fastest growing diagnosis of childhood disabilities in the U.S. During National Autism Awareness Month (April), the NEA is highlighting some of its teacher and parent resources for reaching and teaching students with autism.

Last Week's Featured Article
Keeping Kids ‘Above the Line’
Above and below are concepts most children grasp at a young age -- so that is the basis for the Above the Line behavior management approach, which stresses teaching children to keep their behavior “Above the Line” and encourages them to fix it when it’s not. Included: Suggestions for using Above the Line school-wide.

Best Books for School Leaders

Teacher Under Construction: Things I Wish I'd Known!: A Survival Handbook for New Middle School Teachers
One of the books from the revived Weekly Reader presses, this handbook (it's only 110 pages) is a good, brief, practical guide for the middle school educator. Features such as a parent conference checklist, a "5-10-15-20" rule of time management, and other common-sense tips are indeed the kinds of things experienced teachers can usefully offer newcomers. A great balance between the nuts and bolts practicalities and the human aspects of the job, and a book concise enough to fit into your bag.
Click to learn more or to purchase this book.

From the Education World MarketPlace

Be sure to visit our MarketlPlace. The Education World MarketPlace features products handpicked for educators.

This Week's Feature
Stickers and Other Incentives
Stars, smiley faces, motivational stickers -- they're all here. Educators know the power of a simple sticker, and kids will be doubly proud to show off papers with these stickers from the Education World MarketPlace.

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