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President Barack Obama has announced his intention to nominate acting Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King Jr. for the permanent role.
When it comes to communicating with a student outside of the classroom things can get very tricky.
Many in the education field are worried that the newly redesigned SAT will mean negative consequences for disadvantaged students.
Louisana Govenor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry spar over who has the power to continue or drop the state's lawsuit against the...
Creating a school Instagram page might be a great way to engage the community.
A study from American University has found that D.C. schools that offer students more physical activity have higher student achievement scores in...
Education reformer and school choice advocate Andrew Coulson has passed away at the age of 48.
A new preschool in Annapolis, MD is focusing on the importance of play in early education
The National Football League (NFL) and 60 partners are teaming up with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to make $35 million in...
Yousafzai urges countries to help address the lack of education for Syrian children to prevent them from becoming the 'lost generation.'