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Check out these large printable traffic sign templates.

A Techtorial
Learn how to create self-correcting worksheets with Excel.

Hoax Sites
Today's Web users can choose from millions of Web pages created by experts, pseudo-experts, jokesters, and the just plain ignorant. How can you tell what's real?

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along
Conflict resolution for kids.

The Life of a Vertebrate Fossil
Follow a fossil from discovery to museum display on this Smithsonian site.

Environmental resources for teachers and students.

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What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Grubbs’ Class Notes.

Brenda Dyck
The responsibility to improve schools from within ultimately rests on the shoulders of educators.

Doug Johnson
Our society sadly sees many of the opportunities that develop conceptual-age skills as extras -- first to be cut when budgets are tight.

The Office Drawing Tools
Lesson 3 of Bernie Pooles Essential Microsoft Office 2007 explains how to create and work with diagrams, charts, clip art, and other images.

Meet all the members of our Technology Columnist Team:
* Brenda Dyck
* Miguel Guhlin
* Doug Johnson
* Bernie Poole
* Alma Row
* Nancy Willard

Miguel Guhlin
What if you could broadcast learning at will via the Internet to a world of learners? How would that change your conception of learning?

Gadget of the Week
CamStudio, an open-source program, allows you to create a video of what youre doing on your computer and then add narration to it.
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