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One superintendent describes a district-wide transition to differentiated learning made possible by digital tools.
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More reseach indicates sitting down is worse for you than previously thought. Will this influence more classrooms to utilize standing desks?
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President Barack Obama will be announcing a new $4 billion plan to ensure that all children have access to computer science in 2017.
President Obama announced a hefty commitment of federal dollars to providing computer science to all students, but is a financial commitment enough...
The Library of Congress has collaborated with digital media company, Cricket Media, to provide digital access to four rare children’s books.
In Idaho, state legislators and the governor are calling for $10 million in funding that will go towards STEM education.
A majority of Idaho students are not graduating from the state's virtual charter schools, bringing down the statewide graduation rate.
With the rise in popularity of anime and manga among today’s youth, you might find students chomping at the bit for the opportunity to create a comic...