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Measured Progress Addresses Initial Problems With Smarter Balanced Platform

Measured Progress, a not-for-profit organization responsible for creating standard based assessments, open up about their latest challenges with the online assessment delivery platform provided by Smarter Balanced.

Educator: Digital 'Curriculum Needs to Catch Up With Reality'

Former journalist and current educator Reuben Loewy as spent recent years creating a digital curriculum that aims to teach high school students beyond throwing new technology at students and instead giving students a complete education on digital citizenship, according to The Atlantic.

Study: Overwhelming Percent of Districts Use Cloud Services

Sixty-five percent of districts surveyed in a report from the Consortium of School Networking are using cloud services to provide mobile learning to students, according to

Why Google Chromebooks May Surpass iPads in the Classroom

Since its introduction, Google Chromebooks have found a place in the classroom thanks to the device's affordable price, practical design, and easy straight-forward device management, according to an article on

New Book Pins Smart Video Games Against Standardized Tests

One way children can learn is through educational games that are also designed to keep them engaged. A new book by Greg Toppo says these games assess children better than standardized tests.

NASA's GLOBE Celebrates Twenty Years

This Earth Day represents the 20-year anniversary of The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment, or GLOBE, a science and education program created by NASA in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

State Offers Virtual Academy to K-12 Students

Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) is a fully accredited public school in Washington that serves K-12 students. In its ninth year, the school operates totally online for free tuition.